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Ballerina Fox: Tulle of the Trade Skirt

Skirt // Modcloth

If I could say every photoshoot I did was as successful as this one, I'd say I'm making it as a blogger. Like, bruh - look at me. My bestie and I ventured into San Francisco this past Sunday to see Aladdin at the Orpheum (which is visually stunning af), and we decided to take some photos while we were at it! This was my first shoot in a real location, and it was bananas. I thought I would clam up, but in San Francisco, no one cares. I did the best I've ever done in front of the camera! We did our thing, and our day was beyond perfect! Like, I wish I could have days like it all the time. I'm getting more comfortable in front of the camera, and my bestie is getting better behind it. It's so weird to think our first shoot for my Singing in the Summer look was only four months ago. Time flies! But la-de-da, y'all aren't here for my my friendship musings. Let's. Talk. About. This. Skirt.

Dear Diary: 5 Benefits of Writing in a Journal

I've had an interest in journaling ever since I was a kid. I loved the idea of having a space for me to engage with myself and explore my emotions and thoughts because, well, I had a lot. I was always real garbage at keeping a journal though because it flared up my insecurity about my handwriting, or I would miss a bunch of days and fall off the wagon. Nevertheless, I'm back to journaling, and I'm feeling, like, way better about it this time.

My Sweater Weather Wishlist 2017

My little autumn heart has been breaking the last couple days. The clock hadn't even struck midnight on Halloween and my Twitter was already becoming a scroll fest of Christmas fantasies and winter gifs. You guuuuuuys. It's still autumn! We Americans still have Thanksgiving to enjoy! I mean, this week has been the first chilly, autumnal week I've had of the season. I've been dealing with summer temperatures still. I'm standing on my ground with this autumn business, buuut today's post is perfect whether you're enjoying the leaves or ready for snow. Autumn and winter are both sweater weather season, so here are some sweaters I hope to prance about in!

*None of the following images in this post are my own. They all belong to their respective product sellers.*

How I Get Simple, Cute Waves

Love the look? Check it out here.

I've always had a complicated relationship with my hair. From washing and straightening it every day to trying to go no-poo to miracle products/routines I stuck with for a week, I've tried method after method through the years to tame my mane.

Poem 009: Moth on the Window

It's a moth on the window,
trying to reach light
separated by glass pane,
a wall holding back small body
in the glow-speckled dark
from what lies ahead.
A brightness cascading
in precise angles,
warming at the edges,
clarifying what the speckles
won't illuminate.
The moth doesn't know
the tangles of glass,
the unyeilding translucence.
It doesn't know how to pass
what all seems to be so