The Makeup Confession

*This is an archived post from my first blog Smile, Sugar. It got a lot of praise, so I want to repost it here. This post was originally written and shared in spring 2016.*

A confession: I love makeup.

This is a bit about myself I never wanted to admit. You see, liking makeup isn’t something I can simply acknowledge and go about with my business. Oh no - saying I like makeup is the antithesis of the insecure views I once clutched to like they were my lifeline.

002: Cocklebur

Lingering in the eye,
It draws along nose
To Cupid’s bow,
shapes the mouth,
evoking language,
Tangling teeth with spools
Of old thread –
A thread through lips,
In breeze,
Waving and waiting,
Waiting to catch
The bur on a sleeve.

5 Tips for a Better #TeacupClub Meeting

If you follow me, it’s likely you know about #TeacupClub. If you don't, well, I mean, I'm impressed. I feel like I talk about it all the time. #TeacupClub is a community I started on Twitter back in May 2016 for bloggers to chat and have organized comment exchanges. I have a whole page about it you can check out too! The comment exchanges are what I - ever so cleverly - named club meetings.

A Telling of My First Pole Class

*This is an archived post from my last blog Smile, Sugar. I have lightly edited it, but it is mostly unchanged from it's original writing and posting in early summer, 2016.*

When the lights dimmed and the beat of Make it Rain by Ed Sheeran sauntered through the air, I fell in love with the poles around me. I hadn’t touched them, spun on them, climbed them, but I knew I was in love. It was an aching, a yearning I had never felt. My skin tingled so much I swear I was glowing in the dim light. I followed the breathing exercise my new instructor was guiding, but she didn’t understand she couldn’t calm the exhilaration the beat was seeping into my veins.

Why Did I Start Over?

Okay, yeah… I’ve been pretty vague about this topic, so I guess I'll take a moment to elaborate on the deets. Like I've said, I had a blog before this one, and it was called Smile, Sugar. (with a period at the end). A good number of you probably remember my announcement I was shutting down back in August. The idea was something that hit me pretty suddenly, and it felt right, ya know? I told myself I’d put too much into it to just be like nahhh, but deep in my gut I knew shutting down was what I needed to do

But, like, why?

001: Watercolors

With watercolors,
I paint the air between
Yellow, because I’m trying,
And burgundy because you
Like the way it looks on your
I dip my brush
Into crystal cup,
Ballerina shoe ribbons of color
Dancing to orange,
Mixed to sensible harmony.
I go for blush pink
But the mixture isn’t right.
The colors mush to
Runny earth tone.
I pour my cup in the air
Between us
To wash away the color,
But we already watched
The paint dry.

Hello, 2017.

Bruuuuh. 2017, though. I'm pretty hyped about the new year because 2016 was rough. It was exhausting and a collective hot mess for everyone involved. Just... no. I don't even want to talk about it anymore.

(But hold on I'm going to.)

I'm Back, Baby

Hello, hello! Oh, how I've missed this.

It feels like it's been forever and a day since I've made a blog post. Which, I mean, it lowkey has been, but that doesn't matter anymore because I'm here now! For those of you who have never met me, I’m Bre. I wrote a blog for a while, stopped, and now I write this one. You haven’t missed much, to be honest.