5 Tips for a Better #TeacupClub Meeting

If you follow me, it’s likely you know about #TeacupClub. If you don't, well, I mean, I'm impressed. I feel like I talk about it all the time. #TeacupClub is a community I started on Twitter back in May 2016 for bloggers to chat and have organized comment exchanges. I have a whole page about it you can check out too! The comment exchanges are what I - ever so cleverly - named club meetings.

My goal when I started the club meetings was to be inclusive and give everyone an opportunity to have their content seen. We all know the sea of promo and advertising that exists on Twitter, so I wanted club meetings to be an opportunity for content that might go unnoticed otherwise. Nevertheless, I have seen tweets about and received messages from those who have been disheartened that they didn’t get any comments, sometimes several meetings in a row.

There is only so much I can do. I encourage everyone to be inclusive, and I already have a system built into the rules for us to see who still needs attention; but it’s not perfect.

Cue this post. These tips aren’t guaranteed to get you more comments, but they, I believe, can help.

Include a Photo

People like to see things! Including a photo with your link makes it more likely for people to click it because, well, they can see it. If you only include your link, it's easier to miss. I know for sure I do a bunch of scrolling during meetings. A meeting reply with no image is super easy to scroll past without even realizing you did. Including an image is a sort of look at me gesture that can help the other participants notice you.

Reply to the Links Others Share

This one is super easy and takes two seconds. Simply reply to the tweets with the posts you commented on saying commented. That’s it. Yeah, it would be nicer to leave a more personal remark than that, but even that one word is effective. It connects the comment you left them directly with your twitter. What does that do? It makes it possible for them to scroll through the meeting tweets and find your link to possibly return the favor.

Leave Honest, Thoughtful Comments

We all love comments on our blogs, but, like, it’s less exciting when the comment is generic. “This is great, I love it!” That may be true, but what about that comment says this person actually read your post? What about that comment says they even skimmed it? Like, bruh??? When you’re leaving comments, show that you actually took in their content. That’s the whole point of the meetings, ya know? Hear each other, and respond. When you leave a thoughtful comment, it makes people feel good, and they might be more inclined to check out your link too.

Notice Who is Leaving You Comments

I feel like it's my responsibility to make a point of commenting on links that haven't been getting attention, but I'd be lying if I said I don't like to go comment on the posts from people who comment on mine. If you're making a habit of leaving thoughtful comments on someone's posts, that can encourage them to check out your link because, surprise, kindness goes a long way. It's building a connection, and no matter what, we have bias towards those we have a connection with. Go forth and establish biases! I mean, lasting connections and friendships!

Be a Regular

Speaking of lasting connections and friendships, consistency is a good friend to have when it comes to meetings. If you're a regular, you're more likely to have followed some of the tips here. You've been leaving thoughtful comments, making friends, and all that jazz. You'll be a familiar profile picture and username pairing, and that in itself will draw people in. Being a regular, active member of the community just opens you up to friendships and bonds that can even attract people to your blog outside of meetings!

Bonus Pro Tip
Be on Time

Everyone is welcome to jump into the meetings anytime during the hour, but someone who shares their link in the first five minutes is going to have a far different experience from someone who shares in the last ten. Even that isn't a perfect science, but it's something I think helps. Obvi life happens and not everyone can be around when it first starts, but it's worth considering if you have the time. Maybe set an alarm or have a nifty post-it as a reminder!

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