Hello, 2017.

Bruuuuh. 2017, though. I'm pretty hyped about the new year because 2016 was rough. It was exhausting and a collective hot mess for everyone involved. Just... no. I don't even want to talk about it anymore.

(But hold on I'm going to.)

I kinda botched up my 2016 on the whole goals front. I made all kinds of goals on New Year’s Eve that I didn’t follow through with at all. And yeah, yeah, that sounds like everyone you’ve ever met who sets new year goals, but I’m usually pretty good about mine. This time I made too many that I wasn’t passionate about. They were meh, why not goals, not hell yeah! goals. Not again!

This year I want to keep my goal list small, ambitious yet realistic, and centered around improving my life and happiness.

Reach 1,750 Followers on Twitter

This goal is definitely ambitious. My Twitter count right now is 620, so I’m trying to rack up a touch over a thousand more. That sounds very... ahhhh, but I don't want to tell myself I can't do it because momma didn't raise no quitter. It'll happen if I make it happen, ya know? (Hopefully)

 Get @TeacupClub_ to 5,000 Followers on Twitter

This goal is the “I don’t even know” variety. When I first started speculating what I wanted to reach, I thought 3,000 sounded good, but the account got to ~1,500 in six months alone, and is just shy of 2,000 now. 5,000 seems like it is just out of reach enough to make me work for it.

 Have a first draft of my poetry collection

Ah… see this one is kinda crunch time. I made a promise with one of my friends that we would each have a collection draft by the time we graduate this coming May. I've switched up my poetry style and my vision for the collection a few times, so I need to focus on narrowing in on what I want the collection to be exactly.

Get a big girl job

Adultingggg. I’m trying to believe not going to beat myself up about this one. I want an adult job where I have to dress nice and stuff but don't hate myself.  I dunno. I'm going to do a lot of buzzword searches, hoping I find something entry level and not pathetic.

Start lifting

Surprise - I already started this one! I jumped on it right after I finished my finals a few weeks ago so I could have my flow before the new year crowd swarmed the gym. I want to do this because I've always used my body as an excuse to keep from living. Whenever I’m in the studio, I use my arm strength as a cop out for why I can’t do certain things. I want to build a stronger body and show myself I don’t have any excuses. My abilities are my choice.

Get over my fear of free dance

I'm so awkward when it comes to free dance. I can add my own bits of flair when I'm doing routines, but turning on the music and just seeing what comes out... mehhh. I freeze up and keep looking at what the other girls are doing and how not awkward they look. I'm already working on this, but I want it to be a priority in 2017. I'm hot af so I need vibe and let it happen.

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