January, 2017 // Teacup of the Month: Abbey Louisa Rose

Photo taken from Abbey Louisa Rose
Ayyye, would you look at that! We’re at the end of the first month of 2017 and my first month blogging here on T C F L. I’d say it’s been a pretty stellar month, if I do say so myself, and I want to share some of that energy with my #TeacupClub community! Cue the Teacup of the Month spotlight!

I got the idea for this spotlight series a few months back as I was plotting my blog and how I could add to the #TeacupClub community. I truly do value everyone who participates in the weekly chats and club meetings, and I wanted a way to show that appreciation on a larger scale. I knew I would have this series when I launched at the start of the year, so I told myself I had to be extra vigilant in the #TeacupClub community to spot who was truly standing out and helping the community flourish. That's totally the type of person who deserves this spotlight, ya know?

With that in mind, I'd like to announce our first ever Teacup of the Month for January, 2017: Abbey Louisa Rose!

Why Abbey, you ask?

I’m sure a number of you have taken a peek at the #TeacupClub page, seen the little sidebar blurb, or seen a tweet about it, but #TeacupClub actually has a button for members to put on their blog as a little hoorah! I’m part of this community of awesome bloggers! I was ecstatic to have this button made, but I was nervous. What if I paid for a button no one would use? What if no one actually cared about #TeacupClub or being part of the community? What if this button just made me look like a try-hard asshole?


My blog launched on January 2nd - a #TeacupClub meeting day. One of the first blogs I went to was Abbey’s, and as I was reading her post, I saw the button on her sidebar – the button I was afraid no one would use.

No lie… I cried.

One hundred percent cried.

This community I work so hard to grow for people who aren’t even in my timezone or country mattered enough to at least one person to put the button on their blog the same day it was available. Just… my god.

Abbey has been active in #TeacupClub since the beginning when it was only a chat account. She's been supportive of every endeavor I’ve taken with it and always encourages others to hop in. She’s been a standout member from day one, but her choice on this really meant the world to me.

So many others have put the button on their blog since and I am so grateful. Seeing it on her blog though was something special and completely unexpected. I thought I would spend all month debating who should get this month's spotlight, but I figured it out the first day.

For that, she truly deserves to be our first Teacup of the Month. Congratulations, Abbey, and thank you!

How Can I Become Teacup of the Month?

  1. Follow @TeacupClub_ on Twitter
  2. Put the button on your blog
  3. Participate in the weekly Twitter chats and club meetings
  4. Retweet promo for the chats and meetings
  5. Retweet chat questions
  6. Use the #TeacupClub hashtag for post retweets on Twitter
  7. Use the hashtag for casual tweets about blogging or questions for other bloggers
  8. Use the hashtag on Instagram
  9. Join the #TeacupClub Pinterest board
  10. Be engaging with other members of the community
  11. Let others know about our community and tag our Twitter when you do!
Following one or more of these points does not guarantee anyone the monthly spotlight; they are merely ways to be active in the community that I can take notice of. Thank you!

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