Trickster: Hello Boys

Is this the best picture of me in the entire world? No. Is this a totally cool trick I’m doing? YES. This trick here is called a Hello Boys for reasons I assume you can pick up on (hint: crotchhh). I was pretty hyped when I did it on Tuesday because it’s one of the first tricks I’ve learned. So hyped I posted this picture on Snapchat with Hello Boys as the caption and no specification that is, indeed, the name of the trick. My friends on Snapchat must now assume I’m a proper trollop, so cool beans, I guess?

There is one advanced class at my studio, and you’re only allowed to attend if you’re able to invert (flip upside down). I just got my invert at the very end of December, so I’m a new little bird in the advanced pole world. The trick we’ve been working on this month is some peculiar chest press combo looking deal, but for me it’s been the Crucifix – a trick where you invert and then let go. Not to your doom since you’re gripping with your legs, but by golly does it feel like you are.

This week, though, we changed things up. We took a break from the chest press shenanigans and were taught a pole split our instructor had posted on Facebook. Imagine one leg up the pole and one leg down the pole – boom, pole split.

I certainly gave it a go, but it wasn’t happening for me. One of my girls asked me if I knew how to do a Hello Boys. My immediate response: I don’t even know what that is. Ah yes, a step was missing.

My instructor came over and gave me a full tutorial on how to do a Hello Boys.

  1. Pull yourself up into a pole sit or climb up to where you want to do the trick then get into your sit.
  2. I cross my ankles at this point because it helps me squeeze my legs together for my grip. If you don’t have a tight grip, you start spinning around, and you don’t want that. You also need to be gripping the pole tightly with your thighs so you don’t fall as you move your hands around.
  3. Grip one hand on the pole right under your butt. I don’t wanna say up your butt, but, like, damn near. Your top hand shouldn’t be too high, but you don’t want it to be too low. I slowly slide my top hand down with me as I lean back, and it’s worked for me so far. Where your hand ends up will vary depending on your height and what’s comfortable.
  4. Lean your hip into the hand you’re sitting on. You want to be putting a lot of weight on this hand as a counter balance to your leg opening.
  5. Open the opposite leg or both if you’re comfortable with your grip.
  6. Hello, boys. šŸ˜˜

And there’s the trick. I just learned it this week so my apologies if these steps aren’t the most detailed or leave bits out. I’ll update them at a later date if necessary. I’m just so excited to be learning cool pole shenanigans.

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