004: Light

I turn on a light
and flecks speckle air -
flitting, glinting, charming
in my aura. [brightening]
In white palm, I take them,
pale gold, sparkling,
and crush them to
glittered dust
I run over my body.
I twirl the coy ribbons
flirting in the air
around my finger,
tingling warm, summer morning,
and weave them through my hair
so it looks like it
It is not gilding
if it is light, not gold.
Made of shadow, stroked
with light, I am dusk.


A Cat Babe Wishlist

Real talk - I'm lowkey obsessed with cats. I think they are such sweet little creatures and I want to rub my face on every single one. Well, except the ones I know will scratch my face off. I'll pet those ones from a comfortable distance... with my eyes. You get the point though: Bre vibes with cats. My affection for these little cuties earns me the title of "cat lady," but my god. How completely unsexy does that sound? I mean, honestly? We have this cultural vision of a cat lady and the negativity people imply with that term, and I think it's just kinda mean. That's not me - I just like cats. So no, I'm not a cat lady. I'm a CAT BABE. I have no shame in my love for kitty bitties, and one of my favorite ways to show that is in my fashion. So to all my fellow cat babes, here are some bits and bobs I want to add to my cat babe wardrobe

*None of the following images in this post are my own. They all belong to their respective product sellers.*

Twenty Things that Make Me Happy

I don’t know why, but I’ve always felt an aversion to writing this type of post. Like, I totally love reading them (nosy af), but I’ve felt like no one would be interested in reading mine. And that’s silly, right? I mean, I know you’re all basically obsessed with me and want to know every silly detail there is to know, right?

Now Accepting Boyfriend Applications

"Drink that love / It's like a habit
Feeling like a savage / You know I gotta have it"
Young Robot, Dance Gavin Dance

Pro tip: this post is entirely a joke, Please take it as such. Thanks bby

003: June

Careless days back in June
with lazy breeze no match for sun fever.
Gazing, watching, wondering in blue.
Bugs around me dance effervescent.

I’m lost under the willow tree
with thoughts that ponder skyscrapers.
Concrete cracks spit dandelions
they crush under their city shoes.

But flowers grow in my stomach,
drawing in honey bees
who hum evening symphonies
for orange watercolor atmosphere.

Tip-toed starlight sneaks into the sky, elegant
and slow. Take a moment, listen
to the night, become lost again.
Breathe, intoxicate yourself with nature’s perfume.


What You Need for Your First Pole Class

Ayyye so you you wanna pole dance, huh? That’s what’s up. I have people in my life and online tell me how cool they think it would be to take a pole class all the time. Of those people, I actually manage to convince a few. It’s exciting and you feel a little sexy just thinking about it, but I won’t pretend there aren’t some nerves before. A lot of those nerves are because you don’t what to expect, and you don’t know how to prepare. I mean, I would have loved to have had a comprehensive list of what I needed before going into, so I thought I would try and put a lil something together. (You're welcome.)