A Cat Babe Wishlist

Real talk - I'm lowkey obsessed with cats. I think they are such sweet little creatures and I want to rub my face on every single one. Well, except the ones I know will scratch my face off. I'll pet those ones from a comfortable distance... with my eyes. You get the point though: Bre vibes with cats. My affection for these little cuties earns me the title of "cat lady," but my god. How completely unsexy does that sound? I mean, honestly? We have this cultural vision of a cat lady and the negativity people imply with that term, and I think it's just kinda mean. That's not me - I just like cats. So no, I'm not a cat lady. I'm a CAT BABE. I have no shame in my love for kitty bitties, and one of my favorite ways to show that is in my fashion. So to all my fellow cat babes, here are some bits and bobs I want to add to my cat babe wardrobe

*None of the following images in this post are my own. They all belong to their respective product sellers.*

Try and tell me this watch isn't adorable. Come on, try. I think it's the cutest thing and totally cuter than the last watch watch I had - also from Charming Charlie! I love the pink and the jewels on the ears because they give it this light feminine glow.

I'm guilty af when it comes to using my cellphone camera as a mirror. No, I'm not taking a selfie. No, I wouldn't take a selfie that close up? I decided a while back I need to invest in a compact mirror to take with me, and I found this super cute mirror round on Etsy. I hadn't thought about a mirror round before, and I think it would be even more portable than a compact. It could slip into my pocket nice and easy - just like my cellphone. So yes, hello little mirror cat. Let's be friends.

I'm pretty weird when it comes to bracelets. I don't like the way they can feel bulky on the wrist and make it so you can't rest your arm right. This thin little piece doesn't strike me as a problem though, which I'm thankful for. I mean, look how cute it is. I particularly love the little paw prints on the end of the bands. It's the extra little detail that makes me love this piece.

These socks are totally dance socks. Long socks are the dancing dream, and girl, dance socks with cats are life. I do a lot on my knees (ayyyo) in the studio, so if I can get full leg coverage will still wearing shorts, that would be stellar. I could crawl around like a little kitty cat with these.

Okay. So. When I was in middle school, I had a friend who wore a cat bell choker, and I've been lowkey obsessed ever since. I want one SO BAD. I found this seller on Etsy, and ahhh! I want the one with the red velvet neck and gold bell. It looks like it's kinda classy, kinda sexy, kinda perfect for babes obsessed with cats.

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