February, 2017 // Blogging Goals

Look at me going full blogger with this blogging goals post. It's like I really care about my blog and want it to be successful. I've seen posts like these from other bloggers, and I've enjoyed them every time. Partly because I'm nosey little ear-hustler, but also because they're interesting. We know blogging is hard work (like, obvi), so it's cool to see what others are pushing themselves to achieve. I find making lists helps hold me accountable, so why not go ahead and join the bandwagon on this one.

Reach 800 followers on Twitter

I had a silent goal for myself that I wanted to reach 700 followers in January. I'm, at the moment of writing this, at 679. I was pretty discouraged because I had been so far away from that goal two weeks ago, but about 50 of those followers came in the last week and half. How? My schedule changed and I'm now participating in Twitter chats again! I missed them a lot. They're so fun and I feel like I'm really in the community when I join. I'm hoping that in February I can make up the 21 from January on top of gaining another 100 by being more involved in the community.

Start utilizing Pinterest

I'm always seeing people babble about Pinterest and how they get so much traffic from Pinterest. I'm... not the strongest when it come to photo editing, so Pinterest is kinda scary for me as a blogger. I want to conquer that fear! I'm going to really make an effort to create pinnable images and have a lil wow factor. My current theme wouldn't be compatible with images that have text on them, so I found a nice bit of code I can use to hide images in my posts. I can still have the pinnable images, they won't show up until someone has to select an image for Pinterest. Victory!

Take more Photos

I have this super nice camera, and my lame self is just letting it sit on my desk like I didn't compromise my saving plan for it. I am picky girl when it comes to money, and I'm letting this investment just kick it. SO! I need to pick up my camera and go get some shots. Some nice ones around my neighborhood will suffice, but I need to arrange a photo shoot with one of my friends. All the picture I have of me from my last shoot are good, but they're from November. That means they're all before I started lifting and going to advanced pole. I'm a thick woman, y'all, but I was extra thick in November. Some new pictures are much needed. Don't worry, I know how much you wanna see how fine I am. Patience, bby. 

Comment More

I have a lot more time for blog reading now that my schedule has opened up. I want to work on commenting on more posts and showing appreciation for the blogs I like instead of only doing so during #TeacupClub and other comment pods. I know how happy I am when I get unsolicited blog comments, and I want to share that with others.

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