February, 2017 // Teacup of the Month: Mchi

Photo taken from @mchiouji on Instagram
Would ya look at that: it's the end of February. That means it's time for another Teacup of the Month! I'm happy to say our February 2017 Teacup of the Month is Mchi. Like Mochi, but without the 'o.' I'm so excited to give this spotlight to Mchi because they are not only an astounding member of the community, but they've become a good friend of mine. Mchi has been hardcore with #TeacupClub ever since they joined, and that is something that has not been lost on me.

Mchi shines as a member of the #TeacupClub community outside the confines of this spotlight. I can always count on Mchi to be retweeting meeting and chat promo and engaging with everyone in the chats. They use the hashtag on their Instagram photos and are always will to jump in and host a chat for me. When Mchi first popped up in the community, I felt like there was someone who cared about #TeacupClub as much as I did. Feels, man.

But what did Mchi do in February that has made them Teacup of the Month? I don't know how long this has been the condition, but I noticed it this month: Mchi has it in their Twitter bio that they are a #TeacupClub member! Color me enthused.

I thought it was wonderful when I noticed. I always find it so interesting to see what people include in their bios, and I'm honored that Mchi wants #TeacupClub to be one of the first things other bloggers know about them. It makes people curious and can make them stumble upon our community when they may not have otherwise. It's a quiet way of inviting people to join us that I absolutely love.

I can't express how much Mchi's participation in the community means to me. Like, part of me thought I could never give them the spotlight because they are so consistently awesome and there would be no new way for them to dazzle me. How foolish I was. Mchi gives so much life to the community.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mchi! Congratulations!

How Can I Become Teacup of the Month?

  1. Follow @TeacupClub_ on Twitter
  2. Put the button on your blog
  3. Participate in the weekly Twitter chats and club meetings
  4. Retweet promo for the chats and meetings
  5. Retweet chat questions
  6. Use the #TeacupClub hashtag for post retweets on Twitter
  7. Use the hashtag for casual tweets about blogging or questions for other bloggers
  8. Use the hashtag on Instagram
  9. Join the #TeacupClub Pinterest board
  10. Be engaging with other members of the community
  11. Let others know about our community and tag our Twitter when you do!
Following one or more of these points does not guarantee anyone the monthly spotlight; they are merely ways to be active in the community that I can take notice of. Thank you!

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