A Spring Fashion Wishlist 2017

Spring is officially one week away, and I'm bursting! Like, dude, you don't even know. We were basically drowning here in California for all of February, so I'm begging for spring. We've been getting some beautiful sunshine the last two weeks, luckily. I've been able to shimmy my way into a few dresses and flirt with some sandals! I love the fashion of spring time because I'm totally a dress and skirt type of gal. Since I'm so jazzed about it, here's a little wishlist of a few bits I'd love to have for the season.

*None of the following images belong to me. They belong to their respective sellers.*

I vibe with butterflies. There's cool symbolism with them about growth and change, which is valuable in many ways, but, like, they're hella pretty too. With the exception of my bestie who's afraid of butterflies, I can't imagine why anyone would dislike them. I really like this necklace because it looks so real. I don't like dinky necklaces with cartoon-y butterfly shapes. Give me a real butterfly! I think this necklace gives enough of a pop that it would be super cute with a solid color tee and a cute skirt.

Skiiiirtsss!!! Y'all, I love skirts. And for someone who loves skirts, I sure don't own very many. I've said before that I'm a thick girl, but I also used to be thicker and get the epic thigh rubs that made skirts and dresses a huge no! Thankfully that isn't such an issue anymore, and I'm still trying to get my skirt stash up to par. I think this skirt is so lovely. I love the cut because I don't feel like I'd have to worry about my butt or naughty bits flashing out in any way. This would look sweet with a lace-y tank top and a little white kitten heel.

I have severely underappreciated pins my whole life, but ever since I transferred to my four-year college, I've seen girls with so many pins on their backpacks. They've grown on me so much! This spring, I'd love to get a like cluster of pins to put on my purse and bring a little zazzle to something otherwise plain. 

So, like, I don't wear bras, but when the warmer weather starts coming out, I can't deny a little shape assistance is appreciated since I'm wearing less clothing. The free boob look is fine when it's cooler weather and you're generally stiffening up, but when it's nice and sunny and you feel loose, having your boobs everywhere is just messy. My go to is bralettes because they don't give me back pains or random stabbing boob pains like actual bras do. I've been on the prowl for a transparent bralette like this for a while, so this is something I definitely want to pounce on!

Pink Icing Canvas Women's Classic from TOMS
I feel like a slacker for never having owned a pair of TOMS. I've always liked them, but they were too expensive for me when they were in the prime of coolness. I forgot about them once I had money. They really are super cute though, so I feel like I have to own a pair at some point. I own so much pink clothing for spring, so I feel like this soft, petal pink pair would be perfect for me.

What's on your spring wishlist?
Tell me in the comments! 💛

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