March, 2017 // Blogging Goals

Bruh, like, I know it's only a few days shorter, but was February even real!? I mean, really? I feel like I accomplished nothing in the whole month. Obvi I did have some accomplishments, but I didn't go hard on my goals like I had wanted. I started the month sick, had such a total boohoo-y period, hurt my arm last week, and it's been pouring cats and dogs all month. This last month has been impossible, and it really messed me up on my February Goals. Excuses, excuses, ya know? Now that I've had a little experience with blog goal setting under my belt, I think I can do better with my March goals, though.

Before I dive in, let's reflect on last month's agenda.

800 Twitter Followers: NOPE. I had been shaky about making this one, but I felt confident about it because school had started for me, meaning I had time to participate in chats. I got about 50 followers in a week, so 100 in a month didn't sound too bad. I didn't factor in that I would go stir crazy spending four or five hours on Twitter each morning by the following week. I'm a morning person. I need to start my day. As much as I love the chats, I just can't mentally sit there on Twitter while my day wastes away.

Use Pinterest: I think this one went okay. I have figured out the kind of aesthetic I want for my Pinterest graphics, but I still need to work out how Pinterest works for blogging more. I also needs to be more active with creating the images and having an idea ahead of time, which you'll read more about in second.

Comment on More Blogs: This was too abstract. I did have a few little comment sessions but not to the extent I wanted. I need to make it exact instead of some la-di-da more.

And now, my goals for March!

Get to 775 Twitter Followers
At this posting, I'm at 717. I think 775 will be a solid goal for me to set, but I'm going to shoot for higher, if possible. I'm actually caring a lot less about follower count because my engagement has been pretty solid. The #TeacupClub meetings definitely help, but I've been getting nice comments outside the bounds of the meetings. On top of that, my regular ol' tweets are getting way more likes and replies than they have before. My followers are engaging with me, and that's what we're looking for, right?

Leave 75 Blog Comments
Here we go! This is probably my favorite goal for the month. I get so caught up in my own mind and life, that even when I want to do things, I don't let myself. I'm hoping that by putting a numerical element to this, I'll be more motivated with it. It'll be real, something I can track. Oh, and these 75 comments are outside of #TeacupClub meetings.

Make a Blog Button
This one should be simple, but I'm pretty lame at designs. I want to get a button made because I want to buy ad space on a few blogs. Zero idea how much success other bloggers have found with doing so, but I figure it'll do zero harm to try it out.

Host a #TeacupClub Giveaway at 2,500 Followers
I wanted to do a giveaway last year, but I got the idea for it right around when I shut down my blog. Not exactly ideal timing, ya know? I thought about waiting until I got to 3,000, but I'm so excited to do one! Why wait? I figure I'll buy some cute bits and bobs that will vibe with my fellow bloggers, and we'll see what happens.

Have a Consciousness with Images
I like my pictures, but I definitely want to start using images that are taken with a purpose. I think my best example of this would be with my post Now Accepting Boyfriend Applications. That image was taken for that post. It wasn't one I just had lying around. I want to work on having that level of control and thought with each of my posts.

Post on Instagram Once a Week
I'm worthless when it comes to Instagram. I'm in zero way content with making some generic caption with pictures and queuing them up. I want them to be thoughtful and give something for people to actually comment on. My Instagram captions are kinda like microblogging a la Arora Appleby (my queen). I want them to be thoughtful, so posting usually falls by the wayside. And to top it off, I'm in an Instagram pod where everyone else must hate me because I fall so behind with commenting and end up spamming them hardcore as I try to catch up. I basically need to be overall better at the 'gram...

Maintain New 3/Week Posting Schedule
Yes! Starting this month, I'm upping my posting schedule from Mondays and Thursdays to now include Saturdays. I always thought three times a week was the sweet spot, but I could never maintain it on my last site. I've been great these last two months with keeping to my schedule, so I think I can safely up it to three times a week now

Do you have any goals for March?
Let me know in the comments. 💟

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