March, 2017 // Teacup of the Month: Jessica

First things first: oh my goooood. Jessica is super hot, and I get to talk about her like that because she's my mom. Phew, okay, with the acknowledgement of how gorgeous she is aside, say hello to March's Teacup of the Month, Jessica! Woooo!

Fun Fact: Jessica's been blogging for a month.

Fun Fact: Jessica's been blogging for longer than a month.

Say whaaaaa? How does that make any sense at all? It's quite simple actually because Jessica has two blogs. She has her personal lifestyle blog that she launched this month called Grow Change Accept, and she is one happy half of the babealicious couple of the one and only Food and Baker. Yeah, she's that Jessica. Make way folks, she's kind of a big deal.

I could go on and on about how wonderful she is, but that's (unfortunately) not what this post is about. This is all about what Jessica is doing to contribute to the #TeacupClub community. And oh my god, I've honestly been blown away by her this month.

Jessica has always been active in our #TeacupClub meetings with Food and Baker. She is on it with retweeting the promo and engaging with others in the community, and she has gone double time since her lifestyle blog launched.

Jessica participates in meetings for both blogs, and she puts in the work to comment on behalf of her food blog and her lifestyle blog. I know it's easy for people to abuse the system in comment exchanges, so it means the world to me that Jessica actually puts in the work to represent two entities instead of only one or the other while sharing posts from each blog. It's so honest and sincere of her to do, and it shows that she appreciates the community and the meetings.

Thank you so much, Jessica! Congratulations!

How Can I Become Teacup of the Month?

  1. Follow @TeacupClub_ on Twitter
  2. Put the button on your blog
  3. Participate in the weekly Twitter chats and club meetings
  4. Retweet promo for the chats and meetings
  5. Retweet chat questions
  6. Use the #TeacupClub hashtag for post retweets on Twitter
  7. Use the hashtag for casual tweets about blogging or questions for other bloggers
  8. Use the hashtag on Instagram
  9. Join the #TeacupClub Pinterest board
  10. Be engaging with other members of the community
  11. Let others know about our community and tag our Twitter when you do!
Following one or more of these points does not guarantee anyone the monthly spotlight; they are merely ways to be active in the community that I can take notice of. Thank you!

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