The Love I Need According to the Five Love Languages

"Tell me that I am the love of your life,
I'll be in character, batting my eyes."
Here Comes the Winner, Dance Gavin Dance

We've all heard of The Five Love Languages, right? I worked at a popular book selling chain, and let me tell you, I was ringing this book up on the regular. Everyone seemed to need it. I thought it seemed interesting, maybe one of those things I'd pick up eventually, but I hadn't thought too much about it. The people who bought were normally women, but most of the positive things I've heard about it have been from men... on Reddit. Not the place I would have expected to hear high praises of this kind of book. With everyone seeming to think it's the game changer in their relationships and dating life, I figure there has to be something to it, right?

I don't actually own the book, but while I was on the phone with my best friend a few weeks ago, she told me there's a quiz for you to determine your love languages, as in, the expressions of love you need from your significant other. I obviously had to take it immediately since I'm still wait on those Boyfriend Applications.

The five love languages are Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch. You get a score for each love language (the highest being 12), and the higher the score for each one, the more important it is to you. My results when I took the quiz are as follows:

7 Acts of Service
7 Quality Time
6 Words of Affirmation
5 Physical Touch
5 Receiving Gifts

These were my results about three weeks ago while I was on the phone, so as I was writing this post, I decided I would go ahead and take it again with no distractions. The site says that even if you get a tie for your top love language like I did, one is typically more important. I thought this second time around would be more accurate since I would be able to fully focus on each question instead of being half there. My results this time were a bit more varied:

10 Acts of Service
7 Quality Time
6 Words of Affirmation
5 Physical Touch
2 Receiving Gifts

Ayyyooo there's much more distinction here! I actually think this is pretty accurate. I've read about how people have found learning their love language has improved their relationships and brought them closer to their partners because they have a better understanding of how to love them. Like, that's so cool, ya know?

Now, just because one of the languages gets a low score doesn't mean it isn't important to you. Physical Touch is my second lowest, but it's still important to me. It scored low for me because I expect touch to be a casual, expected thing in a relationship. It's not the declaration of love and affection I find someone going out of their way to help me or see me to be.

Here are some at a glance break downs of each love language, but you'll be able to figure out more precisely what each one means to you once you've taken the quiz. Everyone is different, so even someone who has scores similar to mine needs to be loved differently than I do. 

Acts of Service
Actions speak louder than words. Help me. Do something for me. Share my burdens.

Quality Time
Spend time with me. Give me your undivided attention. Seek out time with me.

Words of Affirmation
Tell me you love me. Let me hear your positive thoughts on our relationship frequently.

Physical Touch
Hold my hand. Cuddle with me. Have your arm around me. Give me physical intimacy.

Receiving Gifts
Bring me random gifts for no reason. Give me a gift I can tell you put thought into.

What are your love langauges? Do you agree?
Tell me in the comments! 💟

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