What I'm Saying With My Underwear

So underwear! Let's talk about it. I can't count the times I've had conversations with my friends about how good we feel when we sport cute underwear. Like, cute underwear can make a whatever day into a good day. And I mean, no one is seeing it, so it might not make sense why it's such a big deal, but it is. It's entirely psychologically, and it's something kinda special for just you (and, well, potential partners). I figure with how much time I've spent on Twitter the past month talking about cute underwear, I'm, like, obligated to write a post about how different styles make me feel. Sorry not sorry.

Mmm... check. Your. Girl. Out. You know when someone tells you a secret and it's so juicy and so scandalous and you know you have to keep it a secret too but you're about to burst from the need to tell someone? That's how I feel when I sport cheekies. I'm confident when I wear these because, well, they're flattering to my shape, and they're a middle style. I get all the comfort of coverage while still having a little va-va-voom at play.

Total Coverage
There's no denying there's sometimes comfort in a boring pair of underwear. These styles are ideal for productive days at home where I'm catching up on chores or homework. I mean, I totally love feeling sexy at home, but I want to save the panties that give me razzle dazzle for the days I'm going out, ya know? And total coverage doesn't always have to be boring. There are some actually cute prints on them if you go to special sellers.

The Panties I Got in High School
Okay, if you are anyone who is currently in college, you cannot tell me you don't have at least one pair underwear you got a few years back while you were in high school. There's people that do, and then there's liars. I digress. These panties are not the panties of pride or allure. They're about survival. These are the underwear we go to during shark week, when Aunt Flo visits, when we go see Tom, when our uterus has rebelled. I can't possibly be expected to feel like the goddess I am when I'm sportin' these things. I'm constantly torn with them because dumping them all would give me the perfect excuse to buy a bunch of new panties, but I don't want to risk ruining them with my body's temper tantrum. So... here we are.

I'm... not the biggest fan. Like, don't get me wrong, they're totes comfy, but I don't like the way they look. This style, for me, is entirely about function. I have a specific mission when I'm wearing one. That mission may be to make my booty look outta this world in some leggings, but that doesn't matter (lol yes it does though).

My Favorite Pair
You have a favorite. You can picture them now, cradling that booty and makin' you feel safe or sexy or generally awesome. When I wear my favorite underwear, I feel good. Like someone is on my side the whole day, cheerin' me on. It's not the same vibe as when I wear cheekies, but it still puts some pep in my step and makes me smile.

Come on, you can tell me: do you have a favorite pair? How do they make you feel?
Tell me in the comments! 💟

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