The Pinterest Girl: My Thoughts on Peer Pressure to be the Perfect Blogger

I feel like I need to start this with every disclaimer in the book. I don't want to ruffle any feathers, but this is one of those things I feel like chatting about. So here goes: I love blogging - honestly. I think the community is full of so many great people who make incredible content. Like, everyone works so hard on their blogs and it's amazing to see everyone discover new talents as they progress on their blogging journey. I truly admire how much work bloggers put into everything they do.

Another Cat Babe Wishlist

Yes! It's happening: another wishlist full of all things cat and babe! I was startled with how popular my first Cat Babe Wishlist was, so I thought it would only be appropriate to continue and do another. Oh no - I had to shop for more cat things. Poor me. I'm the saddest girl. Yeah right. But seriously, I'm so happy with how my last list was received and how so many people actually resonated with the term Cat Babe. It warmed my heart, to say the least. I'll stop holding up what you're here for though. Enjoy my latest list!

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Poetic Process: Writing to an Obsession

I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I know it's been a while since I've put up a poem, but I've already mentioned what a funk I've been in. Like other aspects of life, I haven't been inspired on the poetry front. Life has been muse-less for poor little me. Booo hooooo. I'm getting back to it though! Since I have no new or technically interesting work to share with you, I thought I would go ahead and do some collection talk and discuss methodology I have going on with it. In particular, I'm going to discuss writing to an obsession. I highly recommend reading my poems Watercolors and For You for this post because they're relevant afffff.

So. What exactly does it mean to be writing to an obsession? The word to focus on here is to. If you write a series of poems that happen to have the same image in them and that's the only way you can connect the poems, they aren't being written to that image or that obsession. That may be an image you as a poet like in your work, but you aren't writing to anything. Like, I write a lot of poems that mention flowers because I vibe with flowers, but the flowers don't always mean the same thing; therefore, those poems that mention flowers aren't obsession poems. They're just a lot of poems that have flowers. #FlowerSquad

One section of my poetry collection is made up of obsession poetry being written to You. You can see what I mean in Watercolors and For You. You is a toxic connection that has impacted me significantly in my life. In my poems, the mention of You is very specific. You is a person - one person. When my You Series poems stand individually, it's easy to take them at face value, but when they are bundled together in the series, they become these obsession poems that all work together. They create a larger message than what they say on their own.

The interesting part of the poetry has little to do with the obsession itself. It all comes from exploring the self in relation to the obsession. My You Series isn't about the faceless person who is You but about myself in the context of You. It's a reflection on my behavior, emotions, thoughts, events, and perspectives that link back to You. It's the specificity that joins the poems together to be obsession poetry.

Now, this is totally not the only way to approach obsessions and obsession poetry. There can be so many more elements to it, and it can be much smaller scale. What I've described here is my approach to the obsession poetry I'm working on. I know any number of poets could give a different version, but I hope this was an interesting peek into what's going on in my collection!

What type of images do you like in writing?
Tell me in the comments! 💛

Lush Cosmetics Cup O'Coffee Face and Body Mask

I've always been more of a tea girl than a coffee girl, but oh sweet golly gosh - I'm more than willing to make an exception for this mask from Lush Cosmetics. I'll be honest with you and say I actually hadn't planned on picking this mask up. I popped in to scoop up one of the fresh masks, but unfortunately for me, the only day I can go is the day before their weekly fresh mask restock. I, in a sense, get the bottom of the barrel, and none of the available masks offered the benefits I was looking for. I thankfully chatted with a shop assistant, and she guided me to the Cup O'Coffee Face and Body Mask. Am I sure glad she did!

Plot Notes: A Peek Into My Blogging Process

You may or may not have noticed, but I toootally missed out on posting last week. My general posting schedule is Mondays and Thursdays, but last week I just... I couldn't do it. I was in a weird mental space where I felt detached from everything. You know what I mean? All my art and passions weren't connecting with me the way they normally do, and I honestly spent my time lounging and binge watching Silicon Valley. I wanted to blog. Like, I love blogging, friends, but even blogging wasn't singing to me.

Metta Skincare Intensive Replenishing Face Balm

Oh, sweet, sweet moisture. Let me tell you, I'm terrible at keeping up with my skincare. It's mildly embarrassing. Like, I want to be that girl with a skincare routine she sticks to like religion, but bruh, I'm not... yet. I've found a few skincare products over the years that I still use with some vague frequency, but I was missing something core to help me hold them all together: a moisturizer.