Another Cat Babe Wishlist

Yes! It's happening: another wishlist full of all things cat and babe! I was startled with how popular my first Cat Babe Wishlist was, so I thought it would only be appropriate to continue and do another. Oh no - I had to shop for more cat things. Poor me. I'm the saddest girl. Yeah right. But seriously, I'm so happy with how my last list was received and how so many people actually resonated with the term Cat Babe. It warmed my heart, to say the least. I'll stop holding up what you're here for though. Enjoy my latest list!

*None of the following images in this post are my own. They all belong to their respective product sellers.*

This phone case is exactly what I need in my life, and I'm constantly reminded of it because my friend actually has it. I mean, so rude, right? Life is a cruel mistress. I think it's a charming case because it's fun without being too busy, ya know? I normally like some light pastel or watercolor-style coloring, but the black and white totally works for this case. It would do too much if it was colored. This case would make sure everyone around me knew my priorities, and that's always important when making a first impression.

Before I say anything, look at the sweet little kitty bitty toes on this dish. D'awwww. With that out of the way, this dish would be a fab Cat Babe bit of flair to my apartment I don't have yet. Like, imagine walking in, slipping off your coat, and reaching over to this pretty trinket dish for a nice truffle or sweet of some kind? It's absolutely bougie as all hell, and I want it.

Okay, maybe these sunglasses aren't explicitly cat related, but the cat-eye shape is gorgeous. Like, I'm so cheap when I comes to everything sunglasses that even buying a pair feels like pulling teeth, but these babies... oh my. The shape, the blush color of the lenses - it's swoon city for my Cat Babe heart. The subtlety of the kitty kitty nature is like a sweet secret. The coy Cat Babe.

Eyes on the back of your... back. This jacket is a big I dunno. I don't feel like it's my style at all, but I also want it in a weird way? I don't really wear denim things that aren't pants, so that may be why I'm tip-toeing around it. I imagine it would look good with a messy bun and some high-waisted shorts. Ooo... girl would be looking saucy like that. Mmm.

Oh, hello. Welcome back to my apartment I don't have yet. To be honest, I'm a heathen and don't use coasters at all unless I'm at a restaurant and my server sets my drink on the coast themselves. But... I could totally be persuaded if I had these. These coasts are so shamelessly frivolous, but I can't look passed how cute they are! Plus, what a clever name??? I mean, Whisker Sour? Classic. I would force my friends to set their water/lemonade/whisker sours on these coasters.

Which item on my list is your favorite?
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