April, 2017 // Teacup of the Month: Envy

I'm going to admit my pick for this month is completely and utterly personal. I made a post earlier in the month about how out of touch I was feeling with all my passions, and despite trying to get back on track, the shenanigans of life came full force in April. I've been slowly getting my blogging mojo back in action, but I've had guilt about it hanging over my head. I've had a little help with it thanks to this month's Teacup of the Month: Envy!

Envy said what I needed to hear recently. I have been an atrocious community leader and have been dropping the ball on the retweet aspect of #TeacupClub. I've been so in my own head that I haven't been able to pull myself together to take a minute out of my day to retweet some blog posts. I feel like it sounds silly, but I felt like everyone was noticing that I wasn't doing retweets and were going to abandon the community because of it.

Then along came Envy. Envy is just... an angel. She has been in the #TeacupClub community for a while now and is so ready to be friends with everyone. She really moves herself in #TeacupClub chats like she's my co-host, and boy howdy does it help. I want everyone to feel welcome in our community, and Envy is a star at it. Like, bruh, she makes me feel welcome.

I had a chat recently where Envy melted my heart. She was super engaged in the topic, and goodness she always gives such real answers. In that particular chat, she was supportive of me specifically. Like, it's so small, but she called me one of her "uncrowned queens" in blogging? It's silly, but it made me feel so good when I've been in a place where I feel like a terrible blogger and community runner.

That little comment was exactly what I needed. I've been so hung up on myself and thinking about how much of a let down I've been to the community, so to have someone like Envy be so happy about being involved is invigorating. The community isn't about me and what I'm doing. It's about everyone coming together and having a good time. The chats and meetings don't depend on if I do some retweets. It's about people like Envy.

Thanks, Envy! Congrats!

How Can I Become Teacup of the Month?

  1. Follow @TeacupClub_ on Twitter
  2. Put the button on your blog
  3. Participate in the weekly Twitter chats and club meetings
  4. Retweet promo for the chats and meetings
  5. Retweet chat questions
  6. Use the #TeacupClub hashtag for post retweets on Twitter
  7. Use the hashtag for casual tweets about blogging or questions for other bloggers
  8. Use the hashtag on Instagram
  9. Join the #TeacupClub Pinterest board
  10. Be engaging with other members of the community
  11. Let others know about our community and tag our Twitter when you do!
Following one or more of these points does not guarantee anyone the monthly spotlight; they are merely ways to be active in the community that I can take notice of. Thank you!

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