Plot Notes: A Peek Into My Blogging Process

You may or may not have noticed, but I toootally missed out on posting last week. My general posting schedule is Mondays and Thursdays, but last week I just... I couldn't do it. I was in a weird mental space where I felt detached from everything. You know what I mean? All my art and passions weren't connecting with me the way they normally do, and I honestly spent my time lounging and binge watching Silicon Valley. I wanted to blog. Like, I love blogging, friends, but even blogging wasn't singing to me.

I mean, I try to make my writing here sound more like I'm speaking than writing. All the italics and bolded text aren't me trying to be a flashy dick; it's me trying to convey how I'm speaking the words to you. I felt like I had no words, nothing to say. I was the blahest girl. I was the epitome of the shrug emoji. I had nothing. 

It was definitely a much needed break for me mentally because anything I put out if I plugged along would have been garbage, but now I've broken my rhythm and need to get back into it.

And that's effort. 

And I'm lazy garbage.

Do you see my problem? I'll deffo get back into the flow, but I'm going to complain about it the whole time.

Since I'm on this topic, I figure I might as well chat about my process? I think it's cool and insightful to see how other bloggers organize themselves, so maybe my process will inspire someone.

Let's go back to January when my blog launched. When my pilot post went live, I already had a schedule mapped out through the end of March. I didn't have the posts written, but I had an idea of what I wanted to put up when. At the end of January, I allowed myself to make final modifications to my February map and lay out my April map. And so on, and so on.

This process has been solid for me because I feel like I can just flow with it and not think about it too much as I go. I find with blogging, I do well when I do most of my planning in bulk. I neglected to do that this cycle because of my general blahness, so that's an extra load on me to get back in the zone. Oh well. 

This post was mainly for me to vent. Because so much of my content is planned, I feel like I don't really put many real-time happenings here on my blog. I've decided I'm going to try and do more posts like these every now and then on Sundays. I'm not going to force myself to write them or stress out about it. They'll just be current thoughts or dairy type entries about my life for those of you with internet crushes on me. They'll all be titled Plot Notes with an appropriate subheading if you're interested in keeping up with them. xx

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