May, 2017 // Blogging Goals

Hell-ooh, May! I have never been so hyped about a month in my life. Oh my god. May is going to be such a major month for me, people. For starters, I'm graduating college! It has been a long four years, and I've been ready for it to be over since day one. I'm basically the upside down smile emoji when it comes to college. Other than that, my 22nd birthday is May 25th, which is also the one year anniversary of #TeacupClub! This month is clearly a big one for me, and I'm going to spend the whole thing listening to that one special Taylor Swift song. But anyway, let's get on with it!

Stop Posting Goals
Wait, what?


This isn't working for me. These goals posts were fun when I started this blog. I thought they'd be helpful to keep me on track and help me organize myself. And they did... at first. They aren't anymore, so I don't see the point in continuing them. It's my notes and organization in other aspects of my blogging process that keep me on track more than these posts. Like, I can't even tell you what my April goals were without going back to check.

I'm not going to just not have any goals or ambitions for my blog, but I'm not going to post them at the start of every month. I think posts like these are great still, and I love that I've inspired a few others to do them for their own blogs. I'll no longer be doing them myself though. Sorryyyy. But hey, maybe I'll try out something else that's goal oriented.

Fall in Love With Blogging Again

I was a bad blogger in April. I've ranted enough about this here and here, but I feel the blogging spirit again. I'm ready to be on top of promo and posting regularly and rockin' it with #TeacupClub and pretending I'm gonna use Instagram and tweeting and being bloggernest girl that ever blogged (Yes, I did mean to say bloggernest). I feel fresh and excited, so I want to keep that energy going.

Do you have any goals for May?
Tell me in the comments! 💛

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