Plot Notes: The Do Something About It Phase

Heck yeah! Another Plot Notes post. I've basically been busy every Sunday since my first Plot Notes post went up, but hey, I said from the get go they'd be casual, didn't I? I've been going on and on in a few of my posts recently about how terrible of a blogger I was in April, but I've moved passed the Gripe, Gripe, Gripe phase (thank god, right? 'bout time) and have entered the Do Something About It phase.

I'm pretty excited. I finally ordered myself a tripod and have started putting together my photobooth! I realize part of my problem with my blogging on T C F L is I had one photo shoot back in November, and I started this blog coasting on photos from that one photo shoot. Because, like, those photos would last forever and I'm not totally hotter and healthier than I was then, yeah? Pffft. I've been mixing in a few photos here and there as I've gone on, but, like, effort and I'm garbage. That well of photos has run dry, and I haven't adjusted  accordingly. Oops.

I need to generally be better about my photography, so I'm finally acting upon this idea I got back in February when I shot my photo for my Now Accepting Boyfriend Applications post. I thought it would be a good idea for me to make a little photo station for myself, and I've only loved the idea since I first got it.

I personally like the look of blog posts that have a human as the main photo, preferably the writer themselves. I think it brings an intimacy and closeness to the text by giving a visual of the speaker. I try to make the tone of my posts conversational, as if you and I were sitting together, making all kinds of intimate, flirtatious eye contact as we sip our beverages of choice. With that type of tone and an image of myself, I feel like my posts can be more human and personal. Maybe? Potentially? (Love me)

So - photobooth. It's a simple DIY setup that I envision working spectacularly. My tripod should be arriving in a few days, and I'm going to pick up one more of my pieces tomorrow to finish it off. I just... hope it works. I'm about to be SO disappoint if it get wonky. Positive vibes though. Good energy. It'll be golden.

On a personal note but still vaguely bloggy note, I got a package with two lovely dresses from Modcloth yesterday along with the cat thigh highs from my Cat Babe Wishlist. I adore the dresses and think they're so perfect. Part of the reason I want a tripod is I want to start fashion blogging. I'm super attractive but also look like a troll most of the time, so who knows how that'll go for me. 

I'd be waaaay more comfortable doing it on my own and not feeling pressured to have someone with me - hence the tripod. Doing it all on my own might be tedious, but I'm pretty comfortable with the idea of it. I want to jump on this ASAP, so I'm brainstorming my looks now that I've gotten the dresses and love them on me. They are both spring dresses, but they have totally different vibes.

This is all for now, friends. There's more I could talk about, but I'll save it for other posts to come.

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