How to Leave a Quality Blog Comment

Gather round, children! Your girl is coming to you today with a little blogging 101 - blog comments! We as bloggers know how essential blog comments are to our blogs. They motivate us and let us know we aren't calling into the void. We've all been there - a new post goes live and time ticks by with no comments. It's not good for your blogging spirit to feel like no one is reading your words. Blog comments help us feel heard, but I've found every blog comment isn't created equal. Awk. Yeah, yeah, let me explain! I've found even if someone is commenting on your blog, it doesn't actually mean they're engaging with your content. 

When I introduced my organized comment exchanges called Club Meetings with #TeacupClub last summer, I was able to take away most of the calling into the void of my own blog and others. It felt good knowing I was going to get blog comments. I love reading through them and seeing the thoughts of others, but I won't be fake and say some of them aren't a bit lackluster. I don't want to sound ungrateful! Like, thanks for the comment, fam, but... could it be more generic?

I've decided I'll lay out what I consider to be the unofficial rules of leaving a good blog comment. I'm not pretending I'm perfect or my views are the gospel truth, but I think they're some pretty solid guidelines that could help benefit others.

Paragraph Rules

I don't know about you all, but when I was in elementary school, I was taught a paragraph is five sentences. I try to apply this rule to my blog comments. This isn't school though, so I tell myself three to five sentences is the goal - at least. I feel like the minimum of three to five gives me enough space to actually communicate something to the blogger, but more is always welcome!

Prove You Read the Post

This is a point I discuss in my post 5 Tips for a Better #TeacupClub Meeting. I'd say this point is so critical because it can be irritatingly obvious. Let's be real here, okay? If you get a comment saying "I love this!" you won't be as satisfied as if you got a comment that's specific. It's like the basic writing rule: show don't tell. Don't tell someone they wrote a great post and leave it at that - show why it's a great blog post with specifics. This proves you actually read the post, which is the whole point of you commenting.

Be Thoughtful

This point is sort of a continuation of my last point. I like to be a bit personal with my comments. If their post makes me think of something in my life, I try to share it. This might seem weird, but, to me, it shows their content made me think. I think that's a good response. I find it brings a human element to your blog comment. Their post can't be going in one ear and out the other. You had to think something.

Would You Want Your Comments?

You have to level with yourself on this one. The comment you're about to leave on someone else's blog: do you want it on yours? Would you feel a sense of accomplishment on your post if only people like you commented on it? It's easy to leave generic comments on other people's blogs, but it feels different when someone does it to you.

What do you think makes a good blog comment?
Tell me in the comments! 💕

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