#TeacupClub Announcements: Additions to the Community and Leadership

Hello, sweet teas!

This is normally the time of the month where I spotlight one of you to be our Teacup of the Month, but I'm going to be terrible and take this opportunity to fill you in on some deets behind the scenes

For starters, #TeacupClub isn't a one woman show anymore!

I decided I needed help once #TeacupClub hit its one year anniversary at the end of May. I've done enough moaning and groaning about how I slacked on #TeacupClub because I couldn't keep up with it all myself, so I'll spare you that spiel. You're welcome. I was letting my pride get the better of me and put off bringing on help, but I finally did it!

My new co-host is the wonderful Mchi, who you may remember was our February Teacup of the Month

Mchi has always been supportive of me with #TeacupClub and has always offered to step up. It was all a matter of me accepting the offer.

Mchi is officially in charge of hosting our Wednesday chats at 7pm London time (be it GMT or BST) and retweeting all those wonderful posts using our hashtag. On top of that, Mchi has taken up the task of bringing back the Daily Question (#TeacupDailyQ)! The Daily Question was something I started last fall but could not maintain on my own. Mchi has been absolutely killing it and has made the Daily Question into something better than I ever had. Funny what happens when you let people help you, huh?

We're plotting together so many wonderful ideas of how to make the community better for you all, so be on the look out for some changes!

What do you want from a community? How can we make #TeacupClub better for you?
Tell me in the comments! 🍵

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