What Makes You Happy: Discovering Happiness in Three Categories

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Geez. Ain't that the question? Happiness and how I find it in my life have been at the forefront of my mind since I graduated college. Like, my life isn't determined by some formula anymore. There's no clear cut next step. I could travel, get a job, move across the country, who knows! I mean, everything is possible. My life is what I make it now, so I've been asking myself how do I live a life that makes me happy?

The Vineyard Girl: Ruffled Wrap Skirt and Wander Necklace

Top // Cotton On (Similar)
Necklace // Etsy
Skirt // Zara
Shoes // Modcloth (unavailable)

You know how some outfits just make you feel pretty? Like, you look in the mirror and you're like GIRL. There's bae; I found her. It's me. I'm bae. Forever and always. But anyway, I absolutely love this outfit. One of my friends said she'd never been so attracted to me as she was when she saw my pictures. Safe to say this outfit makes me quite the attractive lady.

How I Knew I Wasn't In Love

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*This is an archived post from my last blog Smile, Sugar. I have lightly altered it, but it is mostly unchanged from it's original writing and posting in summer, 2016.*

Christmas Time, 2013

I hadn’t bought my boyfriend a Christmas gift yet. Lights were strung through the neighborhood, Christmas trees were glowing in windows, and every radio station was playing some rendition of Jingle Bell Rock. Christmas was quickly coming - how did I not have a gift yet? I didn’t have much money, so I was struck trying to find something that was honest yet affordable. I mmm-ed and ahh-ed about it for a while, and suddenly I thought I had the perfect idea: I would tell him I love him. 

007: Tattered Carnations

A petal blooded girl
Spilling red roses and fuchsia
From wounds where wings
Used to be.
Wings of calla lilies, carnations,
Daisies for a daisied mind,
Flower girl with blooms in her hair
tied around her hips,
On the road, petals pooling,
Hands trembling with
Tattered carnations
She pulled from her own back.
Calla lilies linger
On her tongue, ghostly,
As teeth grind white petals.
Day, periwinkle lit,
Picks petals from her feet
And speckles the air
With her shame.


Singing in the Summer: Red Gingham Mini Dress and Core Values Necklace

Dress // Zara
Necklace // Modcloth (unavailable)
Shoes // Target

Bruh, what? A fashion post? From me? Is this even happening right now? Who even am I?