966 Pearl: Melted in Napa Valley

There's a first time for everything, so why not a first here on TCFL with a lil restuarant review? I've been full of firsts lately: first adult job post-graduation, first bachelorette party, first pole showcase, and first weekend brunch of many more to come! I'm right now feeling like a terrible blogger because I feel like I should have link opportunities here, but I neglect to make posts about fun events in my life. Oh well. Who needs to think about life when we can think about the deliciousness that is Melted in the Napa Valley?

The Sad Society: Our Social Competition of Suffering

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This is a post I've wanted to write since before I launched TCFL. I made an attempt at writing it a month ago, but I couldn't get the words to come out right. This is something that has lingered in my consciousness over the last few years, starting as emotional responses to observations I made, and then the thought slowly taking shape as I pondered and wondered. I've figured out what I'm observing, but even now, I don't know how to confront it, change it, end it.

Life with Cat Ears: 10 Reasons I'd be a Good Cat

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If you haven't figured it out, I like cats. My Cat Babe Wishlist and my second Cat Babe Wishlist probably gave it away, but hey, I'm always happy to remind you. I'm a nice girl. My thorough love for cats often has me thinking what a good cat I would be.

008: Threaded

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I’ve been held together by thread,
Threading thoughts
I filter through teeth,
Scraping away unpleasantries
And truths I thought might make you
A thread I guided with trembled hand,
Going over and over mistakes,
Tricks of mind, personal deceptions,
Leaving lumped cross stitching
To be the perception of me.
I taste what I should have said
As I choke on the thread
Coming up my throat.
It’s smooth, water,
Cheek to earth,
Natural – where I was
Before I picked up a needle.
Here I am,
Starting to unravel.


Feelin' Myself Friday: 50 Ideas for Relaxing Evenings at Home

It's about time I do a post about Feelin' Myself Friday! Where would I be without it? I started doing it this year, and it has made aaaall the difference in my life. Essentially, Feelin' Myself Friday is an evening (Friday, obvi) where I spend time pampering myself and practicing self-care.