Feelin' Myself Friday: 50 Ideas for Relaxing Evenings at Home

It's about time I do a post about Feelin' Myself Friday! Where would I be without it? I started doing it this year, and it has made aaaall the difference in my life. Essentially, Feelin' Myself Friday is an evening (Friday, obvi) where I spend time pampering myself and practicing self-care.

I'm not the best at allowing myself to enjoy things and relax, so having an evening each week dedicated to these relaxing activities allows me to enjoy them. I'm a very rigid girl, what can I say? Every Feelin' Myself Friday is different; on some, I want to do spa day type practices, and on others, I want to be productive and organized. It's all about what helps me clear my mind and feel lighter in my life, ya know?

I love Feelin' Myself Friday and how it helps me go about the rest of me week, so I thought I'd put together a little list of activities anyone could do during their own pamper evening.

Disclaimer: Pampering or any other calming activities are not substitutes for seeking mental help. These activities are only for lightening the load of a long week or general inner stress. A face mask or some stargazing are not cures for your mental health. If you feel like you need help, please seek it out.

  1. Put on a face mask
  2. Do a thorough, full body skincare routine
  3. Put your hair in a cute but comfy hairstyle
  4. Put on lipstick
  5. Paint your nails (or do a full at-home mani-pedi!)
  6. Light candles
  7. Take a bath (with a bomb, bubbles, or oils!)
  8. Take a cozy shower and dry off in a plush, clean towel
  9. Play your favorite music that lifts your spirits or calms you down
  10. Cook your favorite meal and have a cozy dinner or one
  11. Order some yummy take out
  12. Try out a new recipe
  13. Bake a cake or some cookies
  14. Pick your self-care outfit: sexy, cute, comfy, lazy, nude, etc
  15. Read a book
  16. Watch your favorite movie
  17. Watch a new movie
  18. Do some cleaning that you've been meaning to do
  19. Declutter your space
  20. Binge watch a show on Netflix
  21. Make yourself a sundae
  22. Working on your bullet journal
  23. Read blogs
  24. Do some online shopping
  25. Write in your diary
  26. Makes lists (gratitude, wishes, bucket list, goals, What Makes You Happy)
  27. Color, draw, doodle, or sketch
  28. Watch the sunset
  29. Stargaze
  30. Do guided meditation
  31. Try a yoga sequence
  32. Practice your hobbies (music, art, writing, knitting, etc)
  33. Watch your favorite show
  34. Drink some tea or homemade hot chocolate
  35. Make yourself a cocktail
  36. Pour a generous glass of wine
  37. Pull out the nice whiskey
  38. Call a friend
  39. Write a letter to a friend
  40. Write a letter to yourself
  41. Make a plan for the next week
  42. Build a nest of your coziest pillows and blankets
  43. Eat your favorite candy
  44. Sing at the top of your longs with hairbrush microphone
  45. Go on a pinning spree on Pinterest
  46. Watch YouTube videos
  47. Sit outside and enjoy the fresh air
  48. Explore new music
  49. Reflect on how your life is going
  50. Go to bed early to catch up on sleep

What are your favorite self-care activities?
Tell me in the comments! 🌟

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