An Autumn Fashion Wishlist 2017

Hnnnng you guys don't even know how hyped I am about autumn fashion. I just spent more than I care to admit on flannels this past weekend, and I regret nothing. Besides, they were on sale. I always tell myself I'm going to go all out with fashion once the cooler seasons hit, but then I'm sleepy and wanna be warm and become a cozy little ball of ugly. I am determined af to be fine as hell this autumn. I need to trick myself in buying clothes that are comfy and warm while still showing how cute and bougie I am. Here's a few things I've found:

*None of the following images in this post are my own. They all belong to their respective product sellers.*

I'm always a sucker for cute heels. I probably wouldn't be into these booties if they didn't have the cute knots on the side. They have a fun flair without becoming too dressy if they would be if they were bows. I think these shoes would pop nicely with some jeans, a top knot, and a comfy cardigan. I'd want them to be a dominant presence in the look because you better be looking at how cute these are.

I'ma be real and say I like this sweater because it says blonde and I'm blonde. The color and style are nice, but I feel this deep need to advertise my hair color on a sweater for some reason. It might be because my hair gets darker in autumn/winter, and I want to keep the general public informed on the reality of my hair color. Anyway, I think this sweater would be great with some leggings, boots, and a big, thick scarf - like I'm gonna drown in this scarf. Gotta keep warm because that neck iiis a bit open, man.

Bruh, straight tryna be Little Red Riding Hood out here! I played Little Red Riding Hood in second grade, so I know this shawl was specifically designed for me. I think it would be great with a plain long-sleeve underneath, a pair of jeans, and some cute little shoes. I imagine wearing this shawl on a chill, autumn evening while going for a romantic walk. A nice breeze, stars starting to appear in the sky... mmm

Hear me out on this one, but this scarf makes me think of a table cloth for a picnic table at, like, a harvest festival with apples and warm baked goods; and I find that comforting? Like, the energy of that nonexistent festival will be captured in this scarf and keep me warm while looking stylish? I dunno? I think it works, but I'm open to debate about it. Either way, I want it.

I wanna go on a date in this okay? I dunno if the shawl gave it away, but your girl is feeling real lovey. I love the look of the model with bear legs, but I think it would work well with some black tights and a nice black coat - so I don't freeze, ya know? Either way, the dress is perfect to make google-y eyes in and be googled at as well.

What's on your Autumn fashion wishlist?
Tell me in the comments! 🍂

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