Get A Boyfriend: Ahh-mazingly Soft Boyfriend Flannel

Flannel // American Eagle

I wasn't lying when I said I want to buy all the flannels. Like, mmm. The old me wants to say I spent too much, but I'm the new me with an adult job who can afford to spurge on four American Eagle Ahh-mazingly Soft Boyfriend Flannels since they were 25% off. I regret nothing, and you can't make me. Lemme tell ya that when I say these babies are soft, they're soft.

Like, I feel like these flannels are now the softest pieces of clothing I own. Temperatures are admittedly still high here in California, despite autumn coming along and all, but I can almost guarantee I'll be comfy and warm once it gets chilly with one of these babies and a knit scarf (see the scarf I want to wear this autumn here!).

I got this same flannel in white, olive, and purple. I almost passed on the white, but the softness really sold me. Why not have variety?

Sigh. I'm feeling autumnal vibes like crazy this year. I've bought autumn flowers, pumpkin spice scented pine cones (which smell more like spice cake), mini gourds, and a mini white pumpkin. Oh, and FOUR FLANNELS.

I'm glowing with all my autumn energy. I can't wait for the leaves to properly change and to be in a world of color. xx

What's your comfiest piece of clothing?
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