How I Get Simple, Cute Waves

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I've always had a complicated relationship with my hair. From washing and straightening it every day to trying to go no-poo to miracle products/routines I stuck with for a week, I've tried method after method through the years to tame my mane.

I have distinctly dry, dry, dry hair that can't seem to hold moisture for the life of it. Anything heavier than a light spritz of whatever product makes it look greasy and heavy. I just can't win. I've often gone about with crazy hair, frizzing in every direction, because I can't get a control over it. I've been told I could be spotted a mile away because my hair is so distinct. Not even in a nice way (that guy was a next level douche bag though).

I've finally figured it out though - the way I can actually control my hair.

I have my swanky office job now, and I didn't want to spend my days with my hair up all the time because that's what I had to do in my food service jobs. I'm a new woman now. My hair down though? Ahh maybe not professional as it's so bananas.

I felt desperate for some magical solution to my hair struggles, so I took to YouTube to look for some sort of trick to help me. AND I FOUND IT. Like, bruh! I actually found something. I straight expected nothing and struck gold!

For about two months now I've been sticking to this tutorial from Vivian V for Heatless Wavy Hair.

Oh my godddd.

It didn't turn out so well the first few times I did it, but ehhh. I got it after some proper practice. I've been getting compliments on how nice my hair looks and asked how I get such pretty waves and curls. It's done wonders for my self-esteem to know I don't have to be anxious about how my hair is behaving or be upset about a whole look seemingly falling apart because my hair is a mess.

I do modify Vivian's instructions.

You can see in the video she puts her hair into buns after she does her twist braids. I found this didn't work well for me. My hair would start to untwist and come out in kinks.

Instead, I twist down to my ends, and pin the braids on my head as if I were doing milkmaid braids. You have to pin them securely so they don't come off in the night. I've found this method gives me the best results with my waves, completely free of kinks!

What is your go-to hairstyle?
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