The Girl

Breanna Catharina

Noun | bree – ON – uh cawh – ter – EENA 

: a girl who writes poems on receipt paper

: a girl who will fall in love with you if you smell nice

: a girl who always wants red lipstick

: a girl who shamelessly stares at her reflection

: a girl who hangs out by the snack table at parties

: a girl who will spend a little too much on high heels and dresses

: a girl who doodles hearts in her note margins

: a girl who thinks everyone's name is "Bruh"

: a girl who is actually 22 but will be carded until she's 30

: a girl who believes in the quaintrelle way of life

Examples of Breanna Catharina in a Sentence

Will someone tell Breanna Catharina to stop eating all the snacks?

I'm not sure Breanna Catharina actually knows my name.

God, Breanna Catharina is looking at herself in the window again.


: Bre

: Breyonce

: "Aye girl!"


  1. I love this :'D nice to meet ya Breanna Catherina!

  2. Haha I love this. Nice to meet you! Looking forward to seeing more from your blog :)

    Alice x |

  3. Bre! Why am I just now seeing your new improved blog?!You may not remember me but i am Nikki from the blog HerDaringThoughts. I participated in a few teacupclub chats on Twitter couple months ago. lol. I'm so excited you are blogging again! I dont know why I am so late in finding this out! Alright see ya while i binge read your posts hehe 😂😘😣❣

  4. Girl!I've just discovered your blog and I think I've fallen in love! I also don't usually say'girl!' so obviously I'm really excited to have just discovered another wonderful blog to peruse. It might sound strange but from your about page you remind me of me a little bit, I relate to the whole wanting to do it all thing, so happy to have found your internet space!