Poetry: Watercolors


With watercolors,
I paint the air between
Yellow, because I’m trying,
And burgundy because you
Like the way it looks on your
I dip my brush
Into crystal cup,
Ballerina shoe ribbons of color
Dancing to orange,
Mixed to sensible harmony.
I go for blush pink
But the mixture isn’t right.
The colors mush to
Runny earth tone.
I pour my cup in the air
Between us
To wash away the color,
But we already watched
The paint dry.

Ta-da! Poetry. I mentioned it over on my about page, but if you haven’t checked that out, I’m a poet. I’m getting my degree in creative writing this year, so I’d like to think I’m rather decent at writing poetry. This poem was hidden in a notebook from last spring that was vastly devoid of notes. I was clearing out the used pages, and as I flipped through to see if it held any work worth keeping, I found this. Reading it honestly gave me a rush because it’s a good poem that I just forgot about. It was like a little gift to myself.

This is entirely a first draft, but I think it’s good because I see a lot of potential to expand. I know I can tap into those old feelings again to make it more emotionally compelling, play more with the sounds in the lines, and add some more details to create a stronger image. There are some poems you look at and go that’s it. I dunno, fam. Like, I can’t count the times I’ve looked at poems I write and know I’ll never go back to them because I see no potential. I have to savor the poems I see it in, ya know?

This poem still has a few drafts to go before it’s a complete poem because the language is a bit sloppy and it is toootally rushed, but I do like the image of the paint in the air and the somber acceptance of the tone. There’s a lot of room in this poem for me to explore, and that’s never a bad thing.