Poetry: June

Careless days back in June
with lazy breeze no match for sun fever.
Gazing, watching, wondering in blue.
Bugs around me dance effervescent.

I’m lost under the willow tree
with thoughts that ponder skyscrapers.
Concrete cracks spit dandelions
they crush under their city shoes.

But flowers grow in my stomach,
drawing in honey bees
who hum evening symphonies
for orange watercolor atmosphere.

Tip-toed starlight sneaks into the sky, elegant
and slow. Take a moment, listen
to the night, become lost again.
Breathe, intoxicate yourself with nature’s perfume.

Oh, June. This poem has a special place in my heart because I think of it as my first good poem. For months, this was the poem I showed people when I told them I was a poet. I was super proud of it, particularly the last stanza (with the exception of the last line that has always irked me). I totally vibe with the image of “tip-toed starlight,” and I feel like the pacing of it is just nice. Mmm. Poetry, man. But anyway, I wrote this in autumn 2015, and I’d been write poetry since spring 2014. This is my shout out to you I wish I could write poetry folks to say poetry. Takes. Time. You have to write for a while before you like it.

This poem was so tough when I first wrote it. It was for an assignment in one of my classes, and I completely misunderstood the directions. We had to pick three words we liked the sound of, and come up with three slant rhymes for each of those words. All those words had to be used in the poem. But since I’m a genius, I did the assignment wrong and thought our slant rhymes had to also be our end rhymes. I worked so hard to make the poem work. I mean, it was crunch time. The poem was due in a few hours, and I was still fighting with the rhyme scheme. I almost broke when I got to class and realized I went hard-mode for no reason

This version of the poem is what I would consider more of a middle ground draft. The original draft was two stanzas, and I’ve done some revisions of the original lines that destroyed that damnable rhyme scheme. This poem has obvi had some work done, and I think it could still see some more alterations. Buuuut my poetic style and direction has changed a lot since I last worked on this, so I’m thinkin’ this draft is the final one it’ll see. Nevertheless, I do enjoy it, and it’s something I’m happy to show people. Turn up for nature. no don’t nature poetry is so boring why did I write so much of it???