Floral Days: My Spring Bucket List

“I’m wide awake, so what’s the point of dreaming when your life is great?
Celebrate the feeling, celebrate the feeling”
Be Okay, Oh Honey

Why hello, spring! Yes, yes, the glorious spring equinox has arrived, so turn up for pretty flower days ahead. Days full of picnics, bright colors, and all things floral are now in our midst. The first day of spring has been full of rain for me, but I’m not going to let it get me down. The rainy days will pass, and I’ll have days full of pleasant bits of sun flitting through the air. Spring is such a pretty time of year. The flowers bloom and green returning to the trees sparks up a little flair for adventure and achievement. Since I’m rather jazzed about the season, here’s my bucket list of things I want to do!

1. Have a picnic with the squad
2. Go to baseball games
3. Visit Honey and Butter Macarons
4. Lyra in trees with the squad (whilst picnicking)
5. Eat more meals outside
6. Work with the windows open
7. Plant the seeds I bought in January… oops
8. Bake something
9. Go for walks
10. Buy flowers
11. Eat more dessert
12. Try not to wear pants
13. Dance through my house
14. Clean, clean, clean!
15. Read more poetry