Poetry: For You

I never loved you,
But with flowers, I tried.
Pulling from gardens
I grew for you,
Every flower [blooming] For you. I slink through
Scents to bottle for you,
Picking petals
From each one for you.
Three, seven, thirteen,
I start counting to see
If there are the same number of
petals on each flower for you.
Mind daisied for you. I say
I hate you, I love
you, I hate you.
I always loved you,
Do you love me?
I break it into pieces
I put in the flowers –
For you.

AYYYYO. Please pay special attention to this poem, friends, because this is actually a poetry collection sneak peak. My collection is at least two parts right now, and this poem belongs to my You Series (which I’ll chat about in its own post soon). This is only the first draft of the poem, but I think it’s pretty great. Due to this poem being part of my collection, I’m going to pass on discussing the technicalities of it and how I plan to improve it because, well, I don’t want to ruin any surprises for when the collection comes out. Ya know, whenever that actually is.

Buuut… I will tell you a bit about how this poem came to be, yeah? Cool beans. This piece came from an assignment in my poetry writing class last month. I try to make all of our assignments work for my collection since I’m about to graduate and want to think about my work beyond the classroom. It’s pretty easy to do because our assignments are pretty free form as far as content goes. For this assignment, we were given five requirements:

  • tell a lie
  • contradict yourself
  • use a verb as a noun or vice verse
  • incorporate numbers
  • ask a question

The poem could be whatever we wanted as long as we followed these. I was fascinated by the first two points, particularly because I knew they could bring great dimensions to my You Series.

I received wonderful feedback on it in my class workshop. One of my peers said that it reads like plucking petals off a flower with the repetition of for you, you, and I. Bruh, like, I love that. How beautiful is it for someone to say your poem is like plucking flower petals? Golly. Go me. The big compliment of the session came from my professor though. He said I handled the I love you so well in this poem. Love is obvi a poetry cliche, and he said I made it so tongue-in-cheek that it was fresh to read. I was pretty puffed up about that one.

I figured it was about time I gave y’all a peek of what I’m currently working on and give a little tease of my collection. The love you all give me for my poetry honestly motivates me to keep writing. Your support means the world, so thank you. xx