A Summer Fashion Wishlist 2017

Oh my goddddd. Straight up, this post is a lie. I literally have no summer fashion wishlist because it is so hot, all I want to do is be naked and not leave the cool sanctuary of my room. This hot weather is disgusting and I hate it and I do not handle heat well AT ALL. I know I was just saying how much I want it to be summer, but I’ve changed my mind. No. I don’t want this. Stop. Buuuut society says I do, in fact, have to leave my house… clothed. Given that’s the case, here’s what I’d ideally like to leave the house in.

*None of the following images in this post are my own. They all belong to their respective product sellers.*

Poplin Top with Frilled Sleeves from Zara

I’ve always been a sucker for the off the shoulder look. I find the style to be so feminine with a light air of sexy. Mmm. I can see myself wearing this with a nice pair of shorts on a late summer evening, a cool beverage in my hand. Maybe at a party at a friends house or to a late evening movie. Eating in this would risky business because lol white, so food centered outings probably won’t be the best idea.

Hello Sailor Mimi T-shirt from Sugarhill Boutique

Any curvy girl like me knows that stripes are to be worn with caution. Like, bruh. It’s cute and all, but stripes have this way of adding seemingly 20 pounds. And, like, I have a bangin’ waistline; I don’t need stripes coming along to ruin that. The pocket embroidery is so cute though. Ugh. Nevertheless, this t-shirt would be great for day trips into San Francisco. I can see myself eating an ice cream cone in the city while sporting this.

Excite All Day Romper in Navy Blossom from Modcloth

I have a love-hate relationship with rompers. I love them, and they hate me. My torso seems to be too long so all the ones I find? I always have success with Modcloth though, and lately I’ve been turned on to floral patterns on dark colors. It’s not my usual scene, but I feel like it makes such a statement. I love that this romper is in navy instead of black because lol sun.

Linen Shirt with Bows from Zara

Okay but these sleeves. I need them. This top would be perfect tucked into a high-waisted pair of shorts or a skirt. The color is a lovely shade of pink for summer, so I’m seeing something white to go with it, or maybe a bolder color for a more intense, fun look. It has this balance of playful and chic that is totes my aesthetic. A perk of this top is the linen, which breathes way more than cotton. Your girl runs hot, so I’m sold!

A Bit Tied Up Mary Jane Flat in Dusk from Modcloth

Picture these shoes, a warm summer evening, a fire pit, friends, and yourself roasting marshmallows for s’mores. I think these shoes are perfect for casual evenings with friends and maybe some early morning breakfast outings. The full coverage would be too much for midday highs, but early mornings and late nights would be perfect for these shoes in the summer. They have this classic look that is still ready to roll around in the grass in!