Under the Sun: My Summer Bucket List

“You’re busy playing nice, you sweeten up my life,
I’m here making eyes tryna keep you by my side.”
Sugar, You, Oh Honey

Tuuuurn uuuuup! Summer time is here! Well, maybe not actually here because space and solstices and alignments and the planet and rotations and blahhhhhh. I didn’t do well in science class, okay? The point is summer technically isn’t here until Wednesday. But, like, I think I can ignore the that? Considering how insanely hot it is??? I think I’ve almost died twice? It’s summer as far as I’m concerned. Summer is the time for adventure and shenanigans (And trying to survive but)! If I had to do a bucket list for exclusively one season, summer would probably be the most optimal since it’s when everyone is in the mindset of LET’S GOOOO!

1. Play with my new hoop
2. Swim with the squad
3. Hang out with my bestie literally all the time because she’s moved back home
4. Spend time in my new favorite cafe writing blog posts and poetry
5. Eat fruit
6. Pick lemons from my tree to make lemonade
7. Make s’mores
8. Go to the beach and remember to reapply sunscreen this time
9. Brunch in San Francisco
10. Take day trips
11. Go to the farmer’s market
12. Sit out with the fire pit, enjoying the warm, summer night air and stars
13. Get frozen yogurt with all the toppings I want
14. Wear fun lipsticks
15. Go to baseball games