The Vineyard Girl

Top // Cotton On (Similar)

Necklace // Etsy

Skirt // Zara

Shoes // Modcloth (unavailable)

You know how some outfits just make you feel pretty? Like, you look in the mirror and you’re like GIRL. There’s bae; I found her. It’s me. I’m bae. Forever and always. But anyway, I absolutely love this outfit. One of my friends said she’d never been so attracted to me as she was when she saw my pictures. Safe to say this outfit makes me quite the attractive lady.

I bought this skirt the first time I went to Zara. The closest store to me is about an hour away, but I found my way in while I was in New York. I fell in love immediately. So much I had to order more clothes when I got home like my red Gingham Mini Dress. It was one of the only shops I went to that was in my price range and had good quality clothing. I saw the soft sea foam color from across the room and bee lined for it. I plucked it up and went straight for the dressing room.

I think this skirt is perfect to dress up or dress down. It has a loose playfulness that could work for a casual look and a bit grace that works for a nicer look. I decided to dress it up with my heels, clearly. I like that even though I did choose to dress up, it’s not doing the most. Like, I look nice, but I’m not dressed to the nines and will stick out like an overdressed sore thumb. It’s a perfect look bangin’ on the daily skirt.

I got this necklace nearly three years ago, and I still love it. Not all jewelry stands the test of time as our tastes and styles change, but this necklace still vibes with me. I think it’s charming and quirky. And by quirky, I mean it’s the perfect touch when I’m trying to seem hipster and poetic. Good thing I’m actually a poet, right?


It’s safe to say I’m obsessed with this look. I felt like I was dressing to my best self, and that’s something I keep telling myself I need to do. I feel happy when I’ve taken the time to get dressed and ready for the day, so why don’t I do it more? Outfits like this inspire me to keep at it and dress my best for me.