Singing in the Summer

Dress // Zara (unavailable)

Necklace // Modcloth (unavailable)

Shoes // Target

Bruh, what? A fashion post? From me? Is this even happening right now? Who even am I?

So, like, I’ve wanted to break into fashion blogging for over a year now, but I never had the pieces to make it happen. I didn’t have a camera, a steady photographer, or the finances to shop on a regular basis.

But yoooo the holy trifecta of fashion blogging has been achieved! I bought a nice DSLR, my bestie moved back home, and I have disposable income. It’s thoroughly lit, my friends.

Her and I rolled out of my house shy of 7 a.m. to do this shoot. I was nervous because I totally freeze in front of the camera, but I was thrilled because I was taking a step towards being the blogger I want to be. My best friend was singing along to That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars as we made it to my first ever fashion shoot location.

This dress is the Gingham Mini Dress from Zara in red/white. When I was poking around their website for the first time ever, they just happened to be starting a sale. I was obligated to buy the things, ya know? I had visited one of their stores for the first time on my vacation in New York and loved it. I couldn’t have it taken away from me!

I first saw this dress in the blue/white, but I already bought a blue dress recently; and the red is so fun. I showed it to my mom and best friend, and there wasn’t exactly many kind words for it. It definitely looks like a red potato sack on a hanger, but they both agreed it looks way better on!

I don’t generally find loose dresses to be too flattering for my body type, but I think this one works fine. It feels loose, airy, playful, fun, and it gives me plenty of room to stuff my face without anyone noticing and bloat up like a boar.

It totally worked with our photo location too. My friend told me to pose up on the light post, and it felt like I was a summer version of Singing in the Rain! The lightness of the material and breezy way it flows around the body… mmm. I love it!

Tell me this necklace isn’t adorable? I think it’s interesting, and as a poet, I found something absolutely poetic about it when I bought it. Everything is poetry and whatnot. It’s no longer available, but the name of it is Core Values Necklace for those of you that love it so much you want to try finding it elsewhere on the internet. Sorry!

As for my shoes, maybe I could have gotten a cuter pair to go with this dress, but these were all I had that slightly went with it. I didn’t want to have conflicting patterns by wearing my red, polka dot wedges. Either way, I think they worked well with my outfit as an impromptu addition.

All in all, I’m immensely satisfied with this shoot. I got so many wonderful photos to use for multiple posts, and my best friend and I made the perfect photography duo. I’m already plotting out my outfits and shoot locations for her and I to hit up next.

This outfit was perfect to be my first fashion post. Maybe it wasn’t popular with people I knew, but I like it. That’s the kind of fashion blogger I want to be. I want to share my style and looks I like – not what I think other people will like. So here’s to many more looks to come!