966 Pearl: Melted in Napa Valley

There’s a first time for everything, so why not a first here on TCFL with a lil restuarant review? I’ve been full of firsts lately: first adult job post-graduation, first bachelorette party, first pole showcase, and first weekend brunch of many more to come! I’m right now feeling like a terrible blogger because I feel like I should have link opportunities here, but I neglect to make posts about fun events in my life. Oh well. Who needs to think about life when we can think about the deliciousness that is Melted in the Napa Valley?

When I first found Melted, it’s appeal was that I needed a waffle sandwich in my life, and that every sandwich could also be made gluten-free! This clearly meant my best friend Arrie had to go with me (because she has a wheat allergy, not because she’s on some chic, douche-y diet). And I mean, isn’t this what brunch is all about? Breakfast meets lunch? Waffle meets sandwich?

I wouldn’t call Melted cute, but it had a modern vibe. The walls are white with a nifty mirror design I enjoyed. Most of the seating is counter style seating along the walls with three wood panel tables available. Over the main counter top, you can see into the kitchen where the waffle magic happens.

Before I go into detail about how much I enjoyed this place, let me state my two negatives up front. I want this to end on a positive note, after all.

  1. The cashier wasn’t… warm? He wasn’t bad, but he was clearly at work. And, I mean, bruh… from one food service worker to another, I get it – customers are the actual worst. When you’re the customer, it is kind of a bummer when the person helping you is ehh about it. We’re square, friend.
  2. I went to wash my hands in their bathroom, and they were out of soap. They filled the soap dispenser with water instead of more soap. I’d rather it just be empty at that point. Be ready with hand sanitizer if you’re like me and prefer to wash your hands before eating.

Alright, with that business out of the way, I loved this place! It is 100% on my return list.

Our sandwiches came up pretty quick. I had a rose lemonade and the It’s Been A Long Time Cousin, which was listed as spicy. It’s made with roasted chicken breast, jack cheese, and habanero salsa with pickled okra on the side. I didn’t find it at all spicy, but proceed with caution – I love spicy food. Cue the shrug emoji.

The sandwich was yummy, and it was made even better by the tomato soup dip. Yes, they give you a teeny cup of tomato soup to dip your sandwich in. I didn’t even think I liked tomato soup! The soup added a brightness to the sandwich that mmm… it really took it to another level.

My best friend had the gluten-free Pigs on the Wing (Part 1), which is made with black forest ham, gruyere, asiago and havarti cheese, baby arugula, and chive aioli. I neglected to get a picture (and taste) of her sandwich because we were both too eager to get to eating. I did get a sample of her Nosferatu smoothie (prickly pear, raspberry, lychee, pomegranate). It was pleasantly bright and not overwhelmingly sweet. Her biggest take away was that she loved the chive aioli.

We both agreed that we could have gotten away with doing half sandwiches. The full sandwich is actually two, but, I mean, I wasn’t complaining. A bit confusing but lesson learned. All in all, I can’t wait to go back to Melted. The food was good, Napa is lovely, and there’s a charming book store next door where I picked up a short story collection. One brunch down, many more to go!