Life with Cat Ears: 10 Reasons I’d be a Good Cat

Love the look? Check it out here.

If you haven’t figured it out, I like cats. My Cat Babe Wishlist and my second Cat Babe Wishlist probably gave it away, but hey, I’m always happy to remind you. I’m a nice girl. My thorough love for cats often has me thinking what a good cat I would be.

I mean, like, if I had to say I identified with one animal, if would deffo be a cat. They’re the sweetest bbies, and I want to rub my face on all of them. Buuuut I’ll go ahead stop there. Here’s 10 reasons I’d be a good cat!

I have a lot to do, but let me be cozy first.

I’m calm and then suddenly have all the energy.

I don’t always sit like a lady.

I already purr when I’m happy.

If I fit, I sit.

I enjoy a play fight and bite.

I want to rub my face on all the things I love.

Strange noises make me freeze in terror.

I want to sprawl out on the floor always.

I’ll shower you with love in my own way, if I even like you.