Poetry: Threaded

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I’ve been held together by thread,
Threading thoughts
I filter through teeth,
Scraping away unpleasantries
And truths I thought might make you
A thread I guided with trembled hand,
Going over and over mistakes,
Tricks of mind, personal deceptions,
Leaving lumped cross stitching
To be the perception of me.
I taste what I should have said
As I choke on the thread
Coming up my throat.
It’s smooth, water,
Cheek to earth,
Natural – where I was
Before I picked up a needle.
Here I am,
Starting to unravel.

So, like, this is one of those poems that just came out of me. I was dicking around, trying out some meh poetry prompts, when this spilled right on out. I’m finding I have a fascination, perhaps an obsession, with thread when I write poetry, specifically poems about me that are a bit abstract. I know I used it in my poem Cocklebur, and it’s funny because that poem also mentions teeth.

I have a poet friend who tracks her obsessions, and it’s something I told myself I need to do. I’m starting to notice trends within my poems, so perhaps it’s about time I started doing so.

I have to say I quite like this poem. I think it’s interesting and has potential to be drafted into something quite stellar. I think the section before my ending is definitely the weak point of the piece, so I think I’ll start there when it’s time for revisions.