Through Falling Leaves: My Autumn Bucket List

AUTUMN THOUGH! Autumn is the best season of all seasons, and I’m ready to have a full on physical altercation about it but not really please don’t hit me. The colors, the weather, the energy – mmm. I can’t get enough of it. It’s such a beautiful time of year. I just… ahh. My plans for autumn are maybe not as lavish as my Spring Bucket List or Summer Bucket List, but it’s not a contest, ya know? Here’s all the lovely things I want to have happen this seasons:

  1. Visit the local corn maze with my squad
  2. Buy all the cozy flannels
  3. Drink a Starbucks salted caramel hot chocolate more than once
  4. Go on a nice, chilly walk
  5. Try at least one new soup recipe
  6. Take time to enjoy the colors of the season
  7. Spend nights outside with my fire pit and a warm drink
  8. Wear autumnal lipsticks
  9. Cook a new dish for Thanksgiving
  10. Visit more local markets
  11. Step up my fashion game with t-shirt dresses and warm, colored tights
  12. Visit a pumpkin patch and get quirky looking pumpkins
  13. Burn autumn scented candles
  14. Have a movie night full of cuddles
  15. Do some knitting and crocheting