Ballerina Fox

Skirt // Modcloth

If I could say every photoshoot I did was as successful as this one, I’d say I’m making it as a blogger. Like, bruh – look at me. My bestie and I ventured into San Francisco this past Sunday to see Aladdin at the Orpheum (which is visually stunning af), and we decided to take some photos while we were at it! This was my first shoot in a real location, and it was bananas. I thought I would clam up, but in San Francisco, no one cares. I did the best I’ve ever done in front of the camera! We did our thing, and our day was beyond perfect! Like, I wish I could have days like it all the time. I’m getting more comfortable in front of the camera, and my bestie is getting better behind it. It’s so weird to think our first shoot for my Singing in the Summer look was only four months ago. Time flies! But la-de-da, y’all aren’t here for my my friendship musings. Let’s. Talk. About. This. Skirt.

I mean, look! Tulle skirts are my fashion fantasy. Like, in my Pinterest Board Dream Life, I wear tulle skirts all the time. I’ve dreamed of having tulle skirts for years, but my insecurities always made me think of them as, like, something only pretty, model-type girls could wear. I’ve thankfully acquired self-esteem and know that’s silly. I’m a sexy goddess, so I’ve finally taken the plunge to make my fashion dreams a reality!

I bought this skirt on sale in two colors: Mauve and Peacock. I planned on wearing the peacock for our photoshoot, but I can’t seem to get away from pink! I had some concerns about the skirt not looking like it has much volume to it, but I found I quite liked it being heavier once I wore it. I feel like it works with the cool weather of autumn and winter.

My Betsey Johnson earrings are what ultimately pulled me to the mauve. I thought the colors worked with my outfit, and we’re lowkey twinning, honestly. My mom bought these on ebay years ago while she was on a Betsey Johnson kick, and I’ve been obsessed with them ever since. They’re charming without being gaudy. There’s something about them that speaks to me.

I had to wear my Betsey Johnson bracelet since I was wearing the earrings. And surprise, my mom bought it in that same ebay purchase as the earrings. The bracelet strikes me the same way the earrings do. They’re playful and fun and don’t take themselves too seriously.

I’m ecstatic to have tulle skirts in my wardrobe now. My fashion sense and personal style is coming to life, and I’m so here for it. I’ve been contemplating what type of fashion sense I have and what sort of style I want to have as a fashion blogger. This look actually inspired me in many ways and is helping my understand myself and my goals for fashion. I have a vision forming, and I can’t wait to make it as much as a reality as strutting around San Francisco in a tulle skirt was.