Poetry: Like a Novel

Syntax: the study of the patterns of formation of sentences and phrases from words

He touches me like
I’m his favorite novel,
and each kiss is
reading my opening line
for the first time.
His fingers scan my pages,
memorizing the beats
of my hips and syntax –
reading and rereading
until he quotes me from memory.
Line by line, chapter by chapter,
I invite him in with my words,
hoping he’ll become
part of my story.

Feelings on feelings on feelings. This poem was a sort of breath of fresh air for me. Like, the weightlessness in writing a poem about someone who brings you constant joy and light instead of a poem about plucking yourself apart like a flower is oddly liberating. I never considered myself one for love poems (crush poems? Affectionate poems? Less than love poems?) because blehhh they’re cliche whine, but when they come, they come! I’m letting myself embrace the feelings, and I’m putting together some quite lovely pieces I can’t wait to share soon!

Some of you may have read this poem already because it’s on my instagram, but this one is a touch more edited.