How I Moved My Blog from Blogger to WordPress

Migrate: to move from one country, place, or locality to another

Bruhhh, show of hands – how many of us have secretly googled how to move from Blogger to WordPress only to be lowkey overwhelmed, confused, and vaguely soul-crushed because it’s a lot, man? This is an issue many bloggers run into. If you’re on any other platform than WordPress, you’re already seeing posts, comments, pins, and articles about why you should move your blog to WordPress whether you want to move or not. It’s sorta the blogging giant, and the blogosphere reminds us constantly.

It took about two years for me to decide I wanted to move to WordPress, but I mean, there were some reservations that came with it. Like, I’d heard you have to pay hundreds of dollars if anything goes wrong with your site, you need a team to upkeep it, and it’s overall a HUGE financial investment. Plus, I’ve heard of people losing blog comments in the process, and I don’t want to lose any of mine now that I’m not participating in comment swaps.

A bit off putting if you’re a smaller blogger making no money from your blog. I decided to go for it though.

But ahh…

My posts. My comments on Disqus. My wallet.

How I Moved from Blogger to WordPress

I was doing some research on Pinterest late 2017 – as I had many times before – searching the internet-scape for a magical solution to my Blogger to WordPress woes. I came across a pin to Jenn’s blog Beauty by Jelly Bean where she talked about her own transition that required no work on her part. Bruh what? Your girl is listening.

She mentioned a name I’d already heard before: Pipdig.

I’ve heard of Pipdig for a long time in the context of blog templates and theme, but apparently they offer a specific Blogger to WordPress migration servicePipdig now offers migrations from Squarespace and Wix, and soon Weebly!

I had no idea those were even a thing!

I made a mental note in my heart Phil – who runs Pipdig – would be my guy when it came time to make the switch. It was much sooner than expected because at the start of the year, my Twitter feed was BLOWING UP with bloggers talking about Pipdig’s New Year deal for a discounted Blogger to WordPress migration. I was seeing tweets from bloggers who jumped on it, bloggers who were considering it, and all the questions in the world being hurdled at the Pipdig Twitter account.

I stalked these tweets like a spiritual practice as I grappled with my own decision. Yes, I’d already decided this is what I wanted, but yikes! That wasn’t when I planned on it. But I did it! I figured it was a sign from the universe to get my act together and take the leap.

The process was super simple.

I paid $125 for the migration and $91.20 for the SiteGround plan of my choosing (you have to do this for him to do the migration).

Phil contacted me quickly, and I provided him with the login information for my Blogger account, my SiteGround account, and my GoDaddy account as well as my choice of his WordPress templates to use on my shiny new site (you can see which I chose on my Resources page!). I threw in my Disqus login too so he could verify my comments transferred correctly.

After three days, Phil had completed my migration. Three days! My site on Blogger never went down, I didn’t lose a single comment in the process, and I haven’t had one issue with my blog in the six months I’ve been on WordPress. The only kink we ran into was a I got a blog comment as he was doing the migration, but he was able to redo the transfer so the new comment appeared on my WordPress site.

Phil was kind and did an amazing job with my site. I’m so grateful for his service because, like, I would have wrecked my blog if I tried to do it on my own. It was one of the biggest financial investments of my blog yet, and I don’t regret a single penny of it.

(I do recognize paying for a Blogger to WordPress migration service is a bit more of a privileged route than some people can take, but I would say have it in mind as a potential savings goal or investment to make in the future. I got mine on sale, so have no fear! Be on the look out for his offers and opportunities.)

June 11, 2018: It appears the price has been reduced since I did the migration, and Pipdig is having a sale!!!