Work With Me

Don’t be afraid to say hello:

For Friends:

Real talk, connecting with fellow bloggers and creatives is the best way to stay motivated and inspired. I’m totally down to chat about post ideas, poetry writing, photo editing, and how to do this thing we call being creative. I find bouncing around ideas serves to stimulate more, and I’m always down for new content. E-mail me or reach out on any of my socials!

If you want to collab, pop me an e-mail! Let me know what your vision is and what role you image me playing.

But, I mean, if you’re not a blogger or creative person, you can totally still reach out to me with anything you want to discuss. I can give you my advice or enjoy some pleasant conversation.

If you have a question about my blog, check my Resources page first. I may have answered it there!

For Brands: (who are totes still friends, but, like, different)

I’m totally PR friendly here at TCFL. I am more than happy to do reviews, sponsored posts, and attend promotional events if you’re local to the Sacramento, Napa Valley, or the Bay Area in general. Any time I do so will be disclosed to my readers, and I’ll only share my honest opinion.

All reviews and posts I do must be in line with the general mood of TCFL. This isn’t a comprehensive list, but some ideas would be lifestyle literature, poetry, clothing, accessories, home supplies, food and drink, or flowers and chocolate, if you really want to butter me up.(I like soft centers and would legit love a bouquet.)

Please do e-mail me with any inquiries. I’d love to hear how we can work together and develop a partnership between our brands.

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