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So I mean, I’d be lying if I said I always love all the content when I discover a new blog. I don’t mean that in a cruel way. It’s the honest truth, and it might be true for some of you reading my blog. I’d love it if you were thrilled by every post, but I get it. I’m going to assume you have some vague interest in me and my blog though. Like, you don’t think I’m the worst girl there ever was, and you want to read some of my sweet, sweet content.

I want you to find content that speaks to you.

I don’t want you showing up and feeling like ehhh I don’t really know what the options are. Like, I have a lifestyle category and a blogging category, but does that really narrow it down? ‘Cause, I mean, you can go to a lot of blogs with those categories, and I guarantee you they will all be different.

Let me take out the guess work.

I want to lay out clearly what you can expect in each of my main content categories. You don’t have to wonder what you’re gonna get or if you’ll like it (’cause let’s be real – you’ll love it). Let me tell you. I’ll update these breakdowns as my content grows and develops so you can always be aware of what I’m offering.

La Vie

This is my selfish space – the space where I get to focus on me and my life. I’ve blogged for a long time without talking about major events in my life, and, like, I’m over it. My blog my space. as much as it’s my business I don’t want to lose the me of it and for you to not see an actual person behind these words on your screen. I want to do better about bring you into my life so we can build a genuine connection. I’m planning to fill this section with more of my personal thoughts, restaurants I enjoy, events I attend, and the general shenanigans of life.

Personal Favorites:

Three Truths I’m Going to Own

Losing My First Love

Now Accepting Boyfriend Applications


Ya know that About Me page I got goin’ on? The one where I tell you how I want to help you live your best life and be your best self – achieve your bests? Well, here it is, babycakes! If you’re here for self-improvement and aren’t too interested in my shenanigans – no biggie! It’s not personal, fam. You can click right into my Coaching category for all of my tips and insights into how you can change your mindset and behaviors to achieve your bests! This content is all about you with some personal anecdotes sprinkled in.

Personal Favorites:

The Five Blocks to Your Spontaneity

How Doing Everything is Doing Nothing


I’m on my journey to become the best blogger I can be. There’s a lot I need to learn and figure out along the way, and I’d like to share some of what I learn. I’ll use this category to share the way I do things, new tricks I learn, and thoughts on courses and resources I utilize. It’s a relief when someone is willing to share how they do things, and I want to provide you the same relief. I have a Resources page where I share most of my tools, but feel free to ask me for any posts you’d like from me to help you with your own blogging journey. I won’t be posting in this category too often, but I still want to have it separated from my other content.

Personal Favorites:

How I Moved My Blog from Blogger to WordPress

I Want to Be a Blogger

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