First Time? Read this!

Confession: I always feel super weird when I discover
a new blog.

I feel like I’ve been dropped in the middle of a story.

Am I the only one? ‘Cause I mean, you can read an about me page (like mine!), but that doesn’t give you their blog history, their highlights, the key content you should read to know this person’s site as it develops. You can have a concept of who they are, but it’s so much more interesting to read a novel than a character synopsis, right?

Seeing as you’re here, you don’t know the details leading up to this exact moment,
you and I, colliding.

Reading my recent posts can only do so much for you. They tell you the “How’ve you been?” as we walk by each other of my blog and not the “Tell me your story,” as we look in each other’s eyes over a drink of what it is. I want to give you the resources to feel like you know me and my blog as we are now.

We can connect on a level that is more than writer and reader.

Let me tell you my story so far.

(Pssst… My About Me page is an excellent beginning.)

I started blogging in 2016 with a blog called Smile, Sugar. I was in my junior year of college with big dreams of being a full-time poet and writer. Blogging always appealed to me, and it felt like the proper place to plant myself. I could have total control of my content and not be shaped a larger entity. Smile, Sugar. was my attempt at a mental health blog, but it unraveled quickly. I knew nothing about blogging when I started, and boy did it show in everything I did. I needed a clean slate.

TCFL was my solution in 2017. My content was lifestyle-based with poetry and fashion intertwined. I wanted to share all the different facets of who I am in the way I didn’t feel I could with my first blog. I had only a semester left of my degree when I launched TCFL, and I was convinced I was serious. This is what I’m meant for, I would tell myself, but blogging became a hobby.  I would do it later, I would do it later, I would do it later.

I realized I let myself down after nearly a year of blogging this way. I had graduated college, hardly wrote poetry, worked 40 hours a week, and felt thoroughly uninspired. I realized my life would only change if I did. I leveled with my readers about where I was in life and declared my mission to be a genuine, full-time blogger.

I made some major changes, dove through an ever growing to-do list, and – most importantly – I laid out my vision. Things had a little standstill afterward because I was blindsided by a breakup with my first love, but I survived and got back to blogging after an emotional yet eventful summer. Around the same time, I joined the Spirit Junkie Masterclass by Gabby Bernstein because I realized I don’t just want to be a blogger – I want to be a life coach. I want to go beyond my blog and start a full on business.

As of September 15, 2018

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