119 Goals You Can Set Today for a Better Life

This post is packed full of 119 Goals You Can Set Today for a Better Life. The goals are broken down into seven categories: Personal Development, Body and Health, Beauty and Hygiene, Home, Finances, Work, and Relationships. Goals come in all shapes and sizes, so no matter what your goal-setting relationship status is, there’s one on this list perfect for you.

Forward: of, relating to, or getting ready for the future

I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, but let me say it again: you should always have a goal. Goals are how we grow and cultivate ourselves into who we want to be. I know I’m biased because your girl is ambitious, but, like, I truly believe setting goals and achieving them are key to actualizing your best life and becoming your best self.

Goals help you get out of bed in the morning, give your mind something to focus on, and (ideally) light a passionate fire in your belly. A day of relaxing with Netflix and your beverage of choice is great from time to time, but that shouldn’t be every day. I enjoy a good marathon binge as much as the next person, but you don’t want to be stagnant. Living without something to work for can make life a bit monotonous. Goals create chapters and variety in your life.

I put together this list of 119 goals you can set today, but before we get to all these wonderful ideas, I want to go over a few little thing.

Little Goals and Big Goals

Okay, so maybe you’re in med school and thinking yeah, you’re good on goals. You’re kinda killin’ it. But no, no – you should continue to set goals even if you have an end-game goal like reaching a certain career or number on the scale.

Goals don’t all have to be these big things like becoming doctors or losing 100 pounds. They can come in every shape and size in essentially every part of life. No matter what you do or what your passions are, it’s guaranteed there are goals you can set today. These goals can be goals for a week, 30 day challenges, or even 90 day challenges.  These small periods of time can make a huge difference in your life and progress as a person.

Think of making a to-do list for the day; those bullet points, though small, are your goals for the day. The satisfaction of doing your grocery shopping isn’t the same as getting into med school, but you feel a lot better about yourself if you do it than if you don’t. Only thinking of goals as big ideas is a no.

The Right Goal for You

We are all diverse, multifaceted people, so my list isn’t going to touch on your perhaps more niche interests of bird watching or 18th century pottery. I’ve done my best to compile general goals in a variety categories I believe most people can identify with: Personal Development, Body and Health, Beauty and Hygiene, Home, Finances, Work, and Relationships.

You can take inspiration from my list to create your own goals or pick one as is. I tried to add different dimensions and skill levels within the categories. If you’re looking for a New Year’s resolution, make sure you read The 7 Reasons Your New Year’s Resolution Will Fail to make sure you don’t bomb it this year! Pick a goal that speaks to you and will challenge you at the same time. Let it be a stepping stone to your bigger picture.

119 Goals You Can Set Today for a Better Life

Personal Development

  1. Cook a new recipe every week
  2. Read before bed every night for a week/month/six months
  3. Learn a new language
  4. Get a hobby (or try one totally different than your current one)
  5. Write in a diary twice a week
  6. Learn basic philosophy
  7. Be aware of politics (being informed is important whether you like politics or not)
  8. Start listening to podcasts
  9. Limit your cell phone usage
  10. Watch less TV and streaming services
  11. Go to more concerts/comedy shows/themed festivals
  12. Work on your time management (Get started with The Trick You Need to Start Mastering Time Management)
  13. Dress in a way that makes you feel confident
  14. Make to-do lists and stick to them everyday for a week/month/six months
  15. Stay logged out of social media so you can’t impulsively check it
  16. Establish a bedtime and stick to it
  17. Wake up earlier
  18. Listen to/attend talks by intelligent, passionate people
  19. Keep an updated planner or calendar

Body and Health

  1. Always have ingredients for a healthy dish you love
  2. Get 7-8 hours of sleep every night
  3. Keep a food journal for a week/month/six months (do not do this if you’re susceptible to forming/relapsing back to eating disorders, or consult your doctor first)
  4. Count calories for a week/month/six months (do not do this if you’re susceptible to forming/relapsing back to eating disorders, or consult your doctor first)
  5. Stretch X times a week (A tip from Five Ways to Be Healthier Today)
  6. Add cardio to your workout routine
  7. Add strength training to your workout routine
  8. Take up an exercise activity for at least three months (martial arts, dance, parkour)
  9. Lose 5/10/15/20 pounds (or a special number of your choice)
  10. Cut sugar from your diet
  11. Reduce your bread consumption
  12. Drink 64 oz of water every day
  13. Research and potentially go vegetarian or vegan
  14. Sign up for a gym membership
  15. Get a personal trainer
  16. Train for a 5k/10k/half marathon/marathon
  17. Cut liquid calories from your diet
  18. Reduce fast food consumption
  19. Cook more meals at home
  20. Meal prep for a week/month/six months
  21. Work out X times a week
  22. Find a workout buddy
  23. Schedule a doctor’s appointment for a physical and any specialized appointments (vision, dermatology, women’s health)
  24. Try a new recipe where vegetables are the star and not the side dish
  25. Make a menu for the week ahead
  26. Start taking a daily vitamin

Beauty and Hygiene

  1. Do a skincare routine for a week/month/six months
  2. Do a haircare routine for a week/month/six months
  3. Transition to a natural beauty routine
  4. Transition to cruelty-free products
  5. Make your own hair rinses
  6. Establish your signature scent
  7. Learn how to do wing eyeliner
  8. Learn how to blend eye shadow
  9. Learn how to perfectly apply lipstick
  10. Learn how to contour
  11. Dye your hair
  12. Try a brand new hairstyle
  13. Wash your face everyday for a week/month/six months (or as frequently is appropriate for your skin type)
  14. Floss everyday for a week/month/six months
  15. Put on lotion everyday for a week/month/six months


  1. Buy a piece of art from a small artist for your common area
  2. Keep a house plant alive
  3. Make a plan for spring cleaning
  4. Make and commit to a weekly/monthly/yearly chore list
  5. Spend time in space other than your “usual spot” (i.e. your bed, the couch, etc)
  6. Clean for 10/15/20 minutes every day for a week/month/six months
  7. Host a dinner party and entertain guests in your home
  8. Pull weeds in the yard
  9. Trim hedges and bushes
  10. Establish a signature scent
  11. Pick a different theme for the bathroom
  12. Start a garden
  13. Grow your own herbs in your kitchen
  14. Finally paint the walls
  15. Clear your closet of items you don’t wear/rarely wear and donate the items
  16. Finally go through the junk drawer or closet
  17. Change decor with the seasons (throw pillows, coffee table knick-knacks, outdoor flags)
  18. Make every room a space you want to spend time in (including outside)
  19. Do maintenance and repairs (or schedule someone to do it for you)


  1. Save your first $1,000
  2. Start a retirement account
  3. Pay more than the minimum on your monthly payments for X months
  4. Save $5/10/$15 every paycheck for a Christmas fund (or any fund)
  5. Pick a charity to donate to monthly
  6. Start saving for a vacation
  7. Save for a deposit on an apartment
  8. Save for a down payment on a house
  9. Start a college fund for your child(ren)
  10. Track your spending to see where you’re overspending and can save instead
  11. Pay off your credit card
  12. Learn about and begin investing
  13. Get your own financial adviser
  14. File your taxes before the last minute


  1. Ask for a raise
  2. Get your first entry-level position in your field
  3. Take on additional tasks and duties
  4. Ask a superior how to get on track for a certain position or promotion
  5. Learn how to change fields
  6. Update your resume
  7. Start a side hustle
  8. Go to a networking event
  9. Get X amount of connections on LinkedIn
  10. Get a business card made
  11. Start your own business
  12. Increase your income by X amount
  13. Leave your day job for thriving side hustle
  14. Get up and walk once per hour
  15. Do stretches at your desk daily


  1. Call a friend X times a week
  2. Ask if someone needs help with anything when you see them
  3. Do self-care and mental health checks on loved ones
  4. Schedule lunch dates with friends who have hectic schedules
  5. Send a text to someone when you think of them
  6. Be more accountable when you’ve hurt someone
  7. Send the first text
  8. Call your parents X times a week or month
  9. Be more willing to compromise
  10. Be on time
  11. Celebrate someone else’s success like it’s your own

In Conclusion

Whatever category you choose, wherever you are in life, whatever your trajectory is, your life will be improved if you push yourself. I believe the goals I’ve listed here will service you well and make your life fuller. You don’t have to be a type-A, ambitious, goal-oriented person to enjoy the satisfaction of achieving something. If you set your mind to achieving even one of these goals you can set today, you’re only going to be better for it. Leave a comment below or hit me on Twitter telling me what your goals are.