I Want to Be a Life Coach

Service: contribution to the welfare of others

I had a moment of serendipity this summer. I made a preemptive declaration at the start of the year that I want to be a blogger, but my blog relaunch wasn’t ready until June. In the space between January and my Welcome to Too Cute For Life relaunch post, the days spent writing and hours fantasizing about the work I wanted to do, I realized I didn’t have any clue what I was doing. Like, I knew I wanted to serve people, lift them up to be their best selves and live their best lives. I knew I wanted to write and use my blog as part of my platform to do so, but I had this big how and why hanging over me.

How could I best serve people, and why would they even want me to?

I had this gaping hole in my dream. I’m not qualified in anything to make me an actual resource – fuck. That reality weighed on me in the days before I officially relaunched because, well, I still had time to back out. I could slink away in shame and live in the quiet embarrassment I told the world I want to make something happen and didn’t. I could take down that bold declaration and pivot if anyone brought it up in conversation.

I had brunch with Danetha Doe of Money and Mimosas the day before my relaunch. I had been ecstatic to start making my dream happen, but I felt like I was staring down the barrel of failure. It twisted my belly in knots and took all of my focus to not burst into pieces from the pressure I put on myself. I was sitting with a successful blogger who wanted to connect with me, but I was too consumed by the terror of humiliation to be present. I didn’t want to fail, to be a person who’s always dreaming and trying but never quiet succeeding. I was distinctly not fun to hang out with that day.

I didn’t think too much of it at the time as I was too busy feeling sorry for myself, but the most important discussion we had that day was who we each follow in the influencer space. She gave me multiple recommendations, but one account stood out: Gabby Bernstein. Gabby is one of today’s major thought leaders. She has a beautiful story from addiction to becoming a spiritual teacher, and her entire brand is teaching people the same practices she uses. Danetha thought I would like her energy and message.

I left brunch a feeling like a doomed failure and total bore, but I actually left with the life for my business to-be. It was hidden in the Follow button on Gabby’s Instagram page.

I want to be a life coach.

The idea came to me a few times this past last year, but I brushed it off. “I have no experience and don’t have my own life together; I could never be a life coach,” is what I told myself. I can’t think of anyone who would want to pay someone with no grip to tell them how to live their life. People have friends for that. I have my own experiences and personal methods to draw on, but if I’m going ask people for their money, I want to offer them a quality service in return.

I didn’t know where to begin and a google search showed certification programs of all varieties and different prices. My desire to be a coach flared up more and more as I worked on my relaunch. The more I thought of helping people with my blog posts, the more I wanted to be able to look in my reader’s eyes and have a dialog about the content. Like, I had these visions of getting matcha lattes and talking about goals and living vibrant, abundant lives.

I began to seriously research life coach certifications again in late spring, and the one I wanted after some reading was $12,000. I would have had to wait a full year and save every penny to enroll in their 2019 class. It stressed me out not even because of the price, but the time I’d have to wait. A whole year to start working on my dreams – how insane!

My brain repeatedly turned back to Gabby Bernstein because as the universe would have it, this exact moment I was starting to look into programs, enrollment for her Spirit Junkie Masterclass of 2018 opened. It was distinctly less than $12,000 and the exact amount I had saved for business expenses. Her course kept calling to me, but I told myself it was simply marketing. It was clever tricks to lure on-the-fencers like me into coughing up the cash, not a nudge from the universe. I knew the game, so I told myself to resist. Besides, there were so many realistic, practical reasons to not do Gabby’s course. Every reasonable part of me said it wasn’t the right time, I had a lot I needed to work on before making such a huge investment. I’d never even heard of her a month before, so did I really want to take such a risk?

I went for it. I went all in on the last day to enroll.

I’m beyond grateful I did! I haven’t completed the course yet, but I’ve learned techniques to apply to my own life that I can’t wait to eventually bring to others. The course has many spiritual elements I’m still deciding where I stand on, but so many of the practices don’t have to be spiritual. I’m personally drawn to affirmations, meditation, breathing exercises, manifesting, EFT, journaling, and automatic writing. I still have a lot to learn and room to grow in these practices, but that reality excites me. I haven’t even gotten to the business modules of the course, but I’m over the moon feeling like I found my foundation for starting my business. Like, I have direction now.

What about being a blogger?

Bruh, I still wanna be a blogger. I’m not going to up and drop blogging. I had to take a little break because I lost my first love, but your girl is here! I don’t imagine having a brick and mortar coaching practice. I want my business to be online and accessible to anyone who finds themselves identifying with my message. I still want to write blog posts that uplift and inspire people to be their bests. My becoming a coach will give people the opportunity to work one on one with me and have a partner in their journey instead of only reading my posts. I’ll be able to personally teach them all the techniques I’m learning and be their biggest cheerleader as they grow.

It’s so wild to me because, like, I would listen to podcasts and read posts that were mainly focused on turning a blog into a brand and business, and I felt far away from the concept. I was so that’s not me and I only want to have a blog. Now I’m over here wanting to be a business owner and entrepreneur. Life is bananas, friends.